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How does a Mitel phone work?

How does a Mitel phone work?

  1. Tutor Telephone and Voicemail Instructions. The three buttons immediately below your Mitel 5224’s display are called soft keys.
  2. Answering a Call. Lift the handset or press the Speaker key .
  3. Placing a Call. Dial the number.
  4. Holding a Call. Press the red hold button .
  5. Transferring a Call.
  6. Using Speed Call Numbers.

How do I make a call on my Mitel 5320 IP Phone?

Press the Outgoing button, an unlit Call button, or enter the Outgoing Call access code (8 is the default code), and then dial the number. With or without the handset lifted, press the (Redial). The system automatically selects a line and dials the number.

How do I change the ringtone on my Mitel 5320 IP Phone?

Use the volume keys to adjust ringing volume when the phone is idle or the call volume whilst on a call • To change the ring tone, leave the handset down and dial 398, use the volume buttons to scroll through to select the ring tone you want.

How do you program a Mitel phone?

To program a Phone Application:

  1. Press the blue Menu key and then press Settings.
  2. Press Programmable Keys and then press the key you wish to program.
  3. If Features are displayed, press View Applications.
  4. Select the desired application.
  5. Press Save.
  6. Press Close.

How can I divert my mobile to Mitel?

To forward all calls to an external phone number during any period of system maintenance, do the following:

  1. Click the space to the right of “During system maintenance forward to” and type the desired 10-digit phone number or 4-digit extension.
  2. Click the check mark on the right to save the phone number.

How do I get my Mitel speaker off my phone?

To switch to the speaker during a call, select the Speaker button on the keypad and place the headset back in the phone cradle. 3. To end a call while in speaker mode, select the Release button on the keypad. Note: If you are on a muted speaker call, Mute will automatically be turned off when you pick up the handset.

What is a Superkey on Mitel phone?

If you enter the code for a new phone when trying to replace a phone (or the extension number is used elsewhere) then phone will simply repeat “Use Superkey to Send Pin”. Note: The default code for registering a new phone is “***”. The default code for replacing a phone is “###”.

How do I turn up the ringer volume on my Mitel 5320 IP phone?

You can adjust the volume by pressing the up and down arrow keys while the phone is ringing. You can also adjust the pitch and volume by pressing: Superkey. Press No until Ring Adjust appears (Press No 6 Times)