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How do you use Prontosan soak?

How do you use Prontosan soak?

Bandages or dressings soaked in Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution can be used for cleaning by applying saturated bandage directly on the wound. Rinse wound thoroughly with Prontosan Solution. For thickly encrusted wounds, allow solution to soak in until scab is softened.

What does Prontosan soak do?

Prontosan is a wound cleanser containing PHMB and betaine that is suitable for use on acute and chronic wounds. It is a safe and easy to use formulation consisting of a wound irrigation solution and gel that is applied to wounds to moisten, decontaminate and remove exudate, slough and debris.

When should you not use Prontosan?

7. Contraindications: Prontosan® should not be used: a) if the patient is known to be allergic or if it is suspected that the patient may be allergic to one of the ingredients of the product. b) on the CNS or the meninges.

When do you use Prontosan gel?

Prontosan Wound Gel is intended to cleanse and moisten the wound bed and for the management of minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns. It can be used during wound dressing changes to soften encrusted wound dressings.

Does Saline clean wounds?

Saline is the preferred cleanser for most wounds because it is physiologic and will ALWAYS be safe. It will not clean well in dirty, necrotic wounds. Studies have shown that bacterial growth in saline may be present within 24 hours of opening the container.

Can Prontosan be used on bone?

Check the Prontosan® IFU to see that mucosa, bones, tendons and urinary system are not CONTRAINDICATIONS for Prontosan®. While it is true that it can’t be used on hyaline cartilage in aseptic joint surgeries, it can still be used in joint surgery when applied AFTER FASCIAL CLOSURE and for septic cases.

What is wound biofilm?

Abstract. A biofilm can be described as a microbial colony encased in a polysaccharide matrix which can become attached to a wound surface. This can affect the healing potential of chronic wounds due to the production of destructive enzymes and toxins which can promote a chronic inflammatory state within the wound.

Why is saline good for wounds?