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How do you play goat format?

How do you play goat format?

How Do I Play Goat Format?

  1. Step 1: Read the Goat Format Rules.
  2. Step 2: Watch Some Goat Format Games.
  3. Step 3: Join Our Discord and Post in #goat_questions.
  4. Step 4: Look at Our Tier List and Deck Guides.
  5. Step 5: Build Your First Goat Format Deck.
  6. Step 6: Play Some Goat Format Games.
  7. Step 7: Get Advice.

How does goat control work?

Goat format is named after the period’s top deck: Goat Control. That deck ran multiple copies of Scapegoat with Metamorphosis to summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict and leverage its monster removal and floodgate effects.

Where do you play goat Yugioh?

Play Goat Format Online dueling simulators that allow this to be possible. The one that we recommend using at this time is It is flexible, user-friendly, and it even has its own room for Goat Format games. In order to find people to play against online, we recommend joining our Discord server.

What sets are in goat format?

Legal Sets: Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (LOB), Yugi and Kaiba Starter Decks (SDY/SDK), Metal Raiders (MRD), Magic/Spell Ruler (MRL/SRL), Pharaoh’s Servant (PSV), Joey and Pegasus Starter Decks (SDJ/SDP), Labyrinth of Nightmare (LON), Legacy of Darkness (LOD), Pharaonic Guardian (PGD), Magician’s Force (MFC), Dark …

Is Exarion universe goat format?

Exarion Universe was absent toward most of the Spring/Summer 2005 Goat Format and was released during the very tail end for players who were able to get an early copy of it. It was never really tested during that format. During SJC Boston (2005), some player used a copy of it to round out their monster lineup.

What is a goat duel?

​“Goat Format” refers to a Yu-Gi-Oh! format that was officially played during the summer of 2005. It gets its name from the popularity of the card Scapegoat during this time period. It is a format that is still widely played today using the same card pool, ruleset, and banlist.

How do you destroy Thousand Eyes Restrict?

Collected Power: Monster Cards equipped to “Relinquished” or “Thousand-Eyes Restrict” can be moved to another “Relinquished [sic] or “Thousand-Eyes Restrict” but if either of these monsters is already equipped with a Monster Card, the new one is destroyed. If these moved to any other monster, the cards are destroyed.

What is an ignition effect Yugioh?

Ignition Monster Effects (Japanese: 起 き 動 どう 効 こう 果 か Kidō Kōka, “Startup effect”) are Spell Speed 1 effects that require a manual activation by the card’s controller during their own Main Phase 1 or 2.

What is the goat format in Yugioh?

What makes goat control such a good format?

Goat Control’s biggest strength is that it’s the Swiss Army knife of the format. It has a wide array of options both in the maindeck and the sidedeck. It can be fine-tuned towards any particular metagame, which is why Goat Control has seen substantial revisions as the years have passed by.

Which is the best deck in goat format?

The name “Goat Format” is sometimes taken to imply that Goat Control is the only good deck in the format. It is still the most popular deck, but it sees much less play than it used to. Goat Format certainly has some interesting history in this regard.

What kind of cards are in goat control?

What is Goat Control? Goat Control is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Goat Format deck distinguished by its 2-3 Scapegoat, 2-3 Metamorphosis, 2 Tsukuyomi, 1-3 Airknight Parshath (but usually 2), and the presence of many powerful 1-ofs that some other decks don’t play: Tribe Infecting Virus, Morphing Jar, and Premature Burial/Call of the Haunted.

When did goat format start to be played?

In this introduction to Goat Format, we’ll break down what the format is, how to play it, what makes it popular, and much more. As mentioned, Goat Format is the format played between April and September 2005.