How do you make an infographic resume?

How do you make an infographic resume?

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What is infographic resume?

An infographic resume gives you the opportunity to present your qualifications in a visually engaging way. Look for dates, numbers, and key points in your graphic resume and use charts to visualize them. For example, use a word cloud to visualize your interests, or where your expertise lies.

Should I use an infographic resume?

Infographic resumes work best as a summary of your overall experience. Minute details about your qualifications and professional background may prove difficult to fit and organize into a graphic format. Some candidates use infographics as a supplement to, or summary page for, a traditional resume.

What are advantages of an infographic résumé?

Pros of Infographic ResumesStand out from the crowd. Competition is fierce for jobs. Visual appeal. As already mentioned, graphics are more interesting and appealing than documents full of text and bullet points.Clearly showcase information. Easy to share online.