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How do you get the transmission received achievement in Portal?

How do you get the transmission received achievement in Portal?

Dubbed “Transmission Received,” the achievement is awarded to players who find and listen to mysterious broadcasts on 26 radios placed throughout the game. Players who carried the radios to the correct spot in every level discovered Morse code audio transmissions as well as loud radio squelches.

What do the transmissions mean in Portal?

The “Transmission Received” Achievement logo. At 2:33 pm PST on March 1, 2010, the first update to Portal was made, with the description “Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations”. It consisted of an additional Achievement, “Transmission Received”.

What is Doug rattmann saying?

Graffiti list

Location found Transcription
Test Chamber 18. ( testchmb_a_14 ) Official Aperture Science propaganda poster, with the motto “Courage is Not the Absence of Fear”. It is sold at the Valve Store.

How do you beat the chamber 15 portal?


  1. Go stand in front of the glass and turn around.
  2. Then look down right in front of you.
  3. Go through the portal.
  4. Go to the second part of the chamber.
  5. When the High Energy Pellet disappears, shoot the other portal on the wall from where the Pellet used to bounce off.

How do you get past test chamber 14 in portal?


  1. Go to the end of the hall and turn left.
  2. Turn left and shoot a portal on the panels near the ceiling directly facing the cube.
  3. Go back to the stairs that have now been lowered and then fire the other portal on the floor and go through the portal.
  4. You should land within range of the Weighted Storage Cube.

What kind of signal is portal / transmission received?

Portal/Transmission Received. The hidden signal that is picked up after bringing a radio to its achievement location is either Morse code or a slow-scan television (SSTV) signal, which can be decoded into a picture with free SSTV decoding software (like RX-SSTV). To get full benefit out of them, you need to use sound recording software,…

What happens when you turn on the radio in portal?

The music will change to static as you approach the correct location, and then to a hidden signal when you have arrived, at which point the light will turn green. The achievement for an individual radio persists across saved games, though the light will change back to red.

Where do you get the transmission in portal?

Near the chamber number. Within the small opening between the two sections. Methods of retrieving are described in the walkthrough for this chamber . The exit. In the third section, on a tiny ledge on the left. To get it, proceed with the test until you are on the other side of the gap.

Where is the signal point in Portal 2?

In the side room after the first gap. The signal point can be reached by firing a portal on the ceiling directly above the two dot symbol on the floor of the next platform, and holding the radio through a second portal on the floor (while crouching). You can also just drop it through, or fall through yourself while holding it.