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How do you get the house in the pale?

How do you get the house in the pale?

Thane of The Pale is obtained by completing the following tasks: The quest “Waking Nightmare,” which is begun by talking to Erandur in the Windpeak Inn. Then complete three minor quests. Deliver Aeri’s Note to Skald. Chop wood and bring it to Aeri.

Why can’t I get a house in Dawnstar?

The cell probably needs to reset, which means you need to wait 30 days in-game (and make sure your character is away from the cell when you wait). That’s the safe option, but it might not work if it’s bugged. Either one of those should start the quest for the land purchase.

How do you help people in the Pale?

In order to assist the people of the hold, you must befriend three people who are citizens of the Pale. Usually you do this by completing favor quests on their behalf. All of the favor quests in the Pale are for people in Dawnstar, except for Aeri, who lives at Anga’s Mill.

Where are the 3 houses I can build in Skyrim?

There are three homesteads the player can build: Lakeview Manor (east of Falkreath), Windstad Manor (northeast of Morthal), and Heljarchen Hall (south of Dawnstar).

How do I get a house in Dawnstar?

After installing Hearthfire, you may purchase this plot of land at The White Hall in Dawnstar. If Skald is still the jarl, speak with him; if Skald won’t sell you the land, speak to Bulfrek; if the Imperial Legion has control of the hold, speak with the new jarl, Brina Merilis.

How do I get a house in Morthal?

1 Answer. Try talking to the Steward during business hours (8AM-8PM). He should be in the halls or somewhere in Morthal. Yes, you must be a Thane in Morthal in order to purchase a house.

How do you make Brina Jarl?

Brina will become Jarl of Dawnstar should you side with the Legion in the civil war and take control of the Pale from the Stormcloaks. If she is deposed again, she and Halfhand will take residence in the Winking Skeever. She gets out of bed at 8am and always starts the day with a one-hour breakfast with Horik.