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How do you get Rex type in brave frontier?

How do you get Rex type in brave frontier?

* Rex type can only be acquired through the use of Mystery Frogs.

What is DoT brave frontier?

DoT (also known as “Damage over Time” and “bleeding damage”, formerly known as Additional Damage) is a debuff that deals damage to afflicted enemies at the end of the turn.

What is REC in brave frontier?

The bigger the rec, the better you get healed. 0. Guardjelly· 11/30/2016. Recovery is a parameter or stat for every in game unit, and what it does is raises the rate of how fast you regenerate health from healers and heart crystals.

What does an omni frog do?

What does an omni frog do? Omni Frogs are a variant of the Frog units that gives SP rather than BB or Sphere space. So if your unit is an OMNI+3 you will need 4 Omni Frogs to fill up the empty space to get an exact 120 SP for enchancements.

Who is the best character in Brave Frontier?

1. Azius. The Azius is an one of the strongest Brave Frontier character in the game.

What does burst Queen do?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Using them as an ingredient in Fusion imbues one with a momentary burst of near god-like power–useful for accelerating one’s skill and prowess. Guaranteed to level up a unit’s Brave Burst by 20 when fused. Gives 20 SP to Omni Units when fused.

How do you increase damage in brave frontier?

If the unit deals damage to an enemy of the weaker element, damage is increased by an elemental damage multiplier. The base elemental damage bonus starts at 150%. Elemental buffs and extra elements added to attacks do not benefit from the elemental damage multiplier and will only receive a +50% damage bonus.

What is DoT reduction?

DoT Mitigation (also known as DoT Reduction, formerly known as Additional Damage Reduction) is an effect that reduces damage taken from DoT (Damage over Time). DoT mitigation is passively capped at 50% (with the exception of Colosseum where it is not capped) and will not go higher if attempting to do so.

How do you raise your stats in brave frontier?

Parameter Boost is an active and a passive effect that increases Hit Points (HP, from passives only), Attack (Atk), Defense (Def), Recovery (Rec), and/or Critical Hit rate. This can buff either a specific element (becoming an Elemental Parameter Boost) or buff all elements (becoming a generic Stat Boost).

What does Omni frog evolve into?

According to an old legend, an elusive frog with otherworldly powers once travelled to El Gaia and chose it as its home. Of course, this is only a child’s fairy tale!…Normal Attack.

Next Cost 1,500,000 Zel

What is the strongest unit in brave frontier?

Who are the characters in the Brave Frontier?

These are the character sheets for the Brave Frontier Summon units as well as NPCs : Please keep in mind that most of the character sheets are still works in progress, and said sheets are going by the units that appear in Global only. Units that appear otherwise might have their own page in the future.

How much memory do I need for Brave Frontier?

Performance is not guaranteed on devices with less than 1GB RAM. ** 800 MB free space in phone internal memory is recommended to install the game with all of the downloadable contents. ** Contact us on for further help on technical issue.

How many missions are there in Brave Frontier?

RICH AND EXPANSIVE CONTENT * Explore Grand Gaia and discover new worlds through more than 500 story-driven missions * Uncover compelling story arcs and legendary sagas of heroes and gods. The plot is thickening as their fates are intertwined!

Is the game Brave Frontier free to play?

Join forces with millions of Summoners on your most epic journey yet! NOTICE: Brave Frontier is completely free to play. However, some in-game items can also be bought for real money. SUPPORT Having technical trouble adventuring in Grand Gaia? We’re glad to help!