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How do you get free gems on Cooking Fever cheat?

How do you get free gems on Cooking Fever cheat?

Free Gem Glitch

  1. Disconnect your device from the internet.
  2. Enter your game and exit.
  3. Turn off all automatic time and date settings.
  4. Change the date by 1 day.
  5. Enter the game, and you will receive a reward for logging in two days in a row.
  6. Complete this until you reach the 900 coin, 2 gems reward.

How do you get 3 diamonds on slot machine on cooking fever?

Triple Coin Glitch It is possible to “win” triple coins in the casino. One must first win double coins, immediately close the game, and then reopen the game, and the triple gems will appear.

Can you win more than 15 gems in cooking fever?

Karolin MA‎Nordcurrent I’ve noticed that NO ONE has ever won more than 15 gems in the casino and that’s at the max bid of 500 coins per spin.

How can I get free diamonds in cooking Fever 2021?

How Can I Get Free Gems In Cooking Fever 2021?

  1. Play Everyday – daily rewards are offered by logging in and gems are included in these rewards.
  2. Replay the completed levels – You can earn more gems and coins in this way.
  3. Understand Customers – Try to understand facial expression and mood of the customers.

Why is my cooking fever not working?

✅ Cooking Fever app Notifications are not working properly. Go to your Settings->Notifications->Cooking Fever and check whether notifications enabled or not. If it is not enabled, please enable it.

How do you win coins on cooking fever?

Coinscoin can be earned by:

  1. Serving customers in restaurants.
  2. Restaurant Level Bonus for every 1st level, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th.
  3. Daily income.
  4. Gaining a new Experience Level.
  5. Completing achievements.
  6. Completing restaurant tasks.
  7. Playing in the Casino.
  8. Completing a Cooking Fever Challenge.

How often can I get 15 gems in cooking fever?

4) You can win a maximum of 15 gems at the Casino, once per day only (or twice if you play a lot.

How do you gain XP in cooking fever?

Players earn Experience Points (XP) as they play Cooking Fever….can be gained by:

  1. Serving customers in restaurants.
  2. Upgrading kitchen and interior Items.
  3. Completing achievements.
  4. Completing restaurant tasks.

How do I contact Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever on Twitter: “Please email [email protected] including your device ID and we’ll try and resolve this for you. :)… “

How can I get free diamonds on cooking Fever 2021?

How can I get free gems in cooking Fever 2021?