How do you do a portfolio assignment?

How do you do a portfolio assignment?

  1. Create a table of contents for your projected portfolio.
  2. List the tasks that will be required to complete your portfolio.
  3. List any lost or missing content that would ideally be in your portfolio, and any plans to recover or reproduce that content.
  4. List any help you need or questions you have about the portfolio assignment.

What do you put in a student portfolio?

What to Include in a Student Portfolio

  1. samples of work from key learning areas – keep it simple.
  2. writing samples including plans and draft copies.
  3. open-ended tasks such as Mathematics Investigations.
  4. student self-reflection.
  5. photographs to capture positive learning experiences such as group work.
  6. goals and targets.

Which is an example of a student portfolio assessment?

Portfolio assessments ask students or teachers to collect work products that show growth over a specific period of time. Examples of work products include collections of student essays, artwork, lab reports or reading logs.

What is a portfolio for a student?

Portfolios are collections of student work representing a selection of performance. A portfolio may be a folder containing a student’s best pieces and the student’s evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the pieces.

How do you introduce a portfolio assignment?

The section intro should include the title of the section and a description of the assignment, what you attempted to do in it, what you learned from it, why it零 important, and (perhaps) how that learning is demonstrated in the revision.

What is a portfolio of evidence?

A portfolio of evidence is a collection of documents that you are required to compile to show competence against a set of learning outcomes and to an appropriate standard.

What is a portfolio for a resume?

A career portfolio goes beyond a resume and a cover letter to show a prospective employer your work experience, skills, accomplishments, and more. Portfolios include information about who you are and examples of your work and achievements.