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How do you disband units in Rome 2?

How do you disband units in Rome 2?

Just right-click on unit. Details screen comes up, And on right side; I believe, scroll parchment, click disband.

How do you disband troops in Rome Total War?

go to the army, click on unit then press ctrl+ A, disband. The only way I found is to disband each of the units in the army first. once the lord is by himself, the button changes from ‘replace’ to ‘disband’.

How do you disband army Troy in total war?

To disband units in Total War Saga Troy, select the troops from the list of available units (by holding down Control and clicking LMB you can easily select several units) and press the small “Disband” shown above the highlighted units.

How do you disband a lord in total war Warhammer?

Go to the Lord’s details. In the bottom right there will be a “replace Lord” button. The disband button is greyed out for immortal lords, which all Tomb Kings are by default. This means that you cannot disband a Tomb Kings army.

How do you recruit a mythical unit?

To recruit these units, you’ll have to construct a proper building. You can recruit Harpies, Centaurs, Giants and Mermaids; Once you have reached the maximum level of worship of a specific God, you will unlock access to the recruitment of a specific mythological being.

Can you disband a Lord Warhammer 2?

You have to “Replace” him, you cannot “disband” Legendary Lords. But it will take a lot of time since you’ll get the redeployment cooldown. You can replace him by going to his character screen and it should be somewhere at the bottom.

Can you recruit the Minotaur?

The remaining mythical beings can be recruited by reaching the final tier with one of the gods’ cults. Each cult rewards a different being, four of them used in combat, and three as epic agents. Poseidon rewards the Cyclops, Zeus rewards the Minotaur, Hera rewards the Corybantes, and Ares rewards the Spartoi.

Is Total War Troy mythos free?

Free update Sure. There are now three game modes in TROY. These are seleted at the start of a campaign, and can also be chosen for custom battles. Two are free with the base game, while the third requires the MYTHOS DLC.

Where can I recruit mythical units?