How do I recycle Oki toner cartridges?

How do I recycle Oki toner cartridges?

To use the OKI Freepost Recycling Service, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Place your used consumables in suitable packaging and seal tightly. IMPORTANT!
  2. Click on the link below and complete the relevant fields to enable you to download the freepost label(s) to attach to your package(s).

Can you recycle waste toner cartridges?

How can I recycle my WASTE TONER CONTAINERS / BOTTLES? You will be able to recycle your waste toner containers via the manufacturer of your printer. Contact them directly and advise them you have products for recycling under the WEEE Directive of 2016.

How do I recycle generic toner cartridges?

Drop them off at your local office supply store Many office supply retailers will gladly take back your used or spent cartridges. If you have an office supply store in your area, check their website to see if the store accepts ink and toner cartridges, most will recycle them in a heartbeat!

Can I put toner cartridges in the bin?

Printer ink cartridges and toners are classed as WEEE waste (Wasted electrical and electronic equipment). This means they cannot be recycled as part of your household waste so please do not put used products in your home recycling bin.

What can I do with used toner cartridges?

Where to recycle toner cartridges

  1. Recycle in-store. Retailers participating in the free drop-off program for HP and Samsung toner products include Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy.
  2. 2. Mail in your empties.
  3. Use recycling toner collection units.

What can I do with unused toner cartridges?

The responsible way to dispose of your unused ink or toner cartridges is to recycle them. Doing so will prevent your ink or toner from joining the 350 million cartridges currently toxifying local landfills and polluting the planet.

What do you do with old toner cartridges?

Where To Recycle Toner Cartridges. Recycling toner cartridges is not hard. You can mail empty toner cartridges back to the manufacturer free of charge via a cartridge return program. You can also recycle printer toner cartridges at an office supply store.

How do you dispose of toner powder?

How to Dispose of Waste Toner

  1. Remove the used toner cartridge from the printer and set it aside.
  2. Look inside the box for a prepaid return label.
  3. Place the used toner in the box and tape the box shut.
  4. Call the toll-free number for the appropriate carrier to arrange a free pickup.

Who pays for empty toner cartridges?

Big-box office-supply stores like OfficeDepot and Staples will recycle ink cartridges and even have ink cartridge recycling reward programs. These stores will give you $2 in store credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a maximum of 10 empty cartridges per month.

How long does unused toner last?

about two years
That date is for the original purchaser. Make note of when you bought that cartridge (it helps to write it down) and keep in mind that toner cartridges will be useful for about two years whereas ink can last up to a few months.

Where can I Recycle my Oki toner cartridges?

OKI Consumables Recycling Services As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we are pleased to offer our customers free recycling facilities for all genuine OKI Original consumables such as toner cartridges, image drums (EP cartridges), fuser units, transfer belts, waste toner bottles and ribbons.

What should I do with my Oki consumables?

* Please note that the majority of OKI consumable items weigh less than 5kgs, however some transfer belts may be over 5kgs and if so should be returned using the Recycling Bin Service. Place your used consumables in suitable packaging and seal tightly. IMPORTANT! Toner Cartridges

What should I recycle with Oki Data Americas?

Recycling 1 Equipment Recycling. We encourage everyone to properly dispose of end-of-life peripheral hardware. 2 Battery Recycling. OKI encourages all users to properly recycle or dispose of rechargeable batteries. 3 Toner Recycling. OKI Data Americas encourages all users to properly dispose and recycle all cartridges.

When do I need to Recycle my Oki battery?

OKI encourages all users to properly recycle or dispose of rechargeable batteries. State or local laws may require recycling when replacing a worn battery or when disposing of peripheral equipment.