How do I get an image from Wikipedia API?

How do I get an image from Wikipedia API?

You can get the original image using piprop=original . Or you can get a thumbnail image with a specified width/height. For a thumbnail with width/height=600, piprop=thumbnail&pithumbsize=600 . If you omit either, the image returned in the API callback will default to a thumbnail with width/height of 50px.

Is Wikipedia API free?

A web-based free encyclopedia, Wikipedia is available in many languages and is among the top 5 websites on the internet. The largest general reference body of work on the internet, its uses in applications offer countless possibilities.

Can you take images from Wikipedia?

You can use (free) images from Wikipedia on your own site, or anywhere you like. You can use images that are freely-licensed images, provided you comply with the individual image’s license terms. You can use them on any appropriate page on Wikipedia.

What API does Wikipedia use?

MediaWiki’s API is running on Wikipedia (docs). You can also use the Special:Export feature to dump data and parse it yourself. More information. Wikipedia is built on MediaWiki, and here’s the MediaWiki API.

What is Property in API?

API documentation. Properties are data about a page, such as categories, or content on a page, such as images or links. To request a property, you pass the prop parameter of your query a valid property submodule, corresponding to the information that you need.

Is it OK to copy from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia content can be copied, modified, and redistributed if and only if the copied version is made available on the same terms to others and acknowledgment of the authors of the Wikipedia article used is included (a link back to the article is generally thought to satisfy the attribution requirement; see below for …

How do I get an API on Wikipedia?

You can download the Wikipedia database directly and parse all pages to XML with Wiki Parser, which is a standalone application. The first paragraph is a separate node in the resulting XML. Alternatively, you can extract the first paragraph from its plain-text output.

Which is the API for the image name?

API:Imageinfo – Gets information for any titles in the image namespace. Will eventually get superseded by prop=fileinfo. API:Stashimageinfo – Gets information for stashed images or files in the namespace. Output is identical to API:Imageinfo . API:Imageusage – Finds all pages that use the given images.

What is the purpose of the Wikipedia API?

Goal of Wikipedia-API is to provide simple and easy to use API for retrieving informations from Wikipedia. Bellow are examples of common use cases. Getting single page is straightforward.

How to get the main picture of a Wikipedia page?

Check out the MediaWiki API example for getting the main picture of a wikipedia page: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Page_info_in_search_results. As other’s have mentioned, you would use prop=pageimages in your API query. If you also want the image description, you would use prop=pageimages|pageterms instead in your API query.

How is apihelp / query + images used in MediaWiki?

GET request to list embedded media files on provided pages. This module can be used as a generator . The following documentation is the output of Special:ApiHelp/query+images, automatically generated by the pre-release version of MediaWiki that is running on this site (MediaWiki.org).