How do I fix the TPMS light on my Honda Pilot?

How do I fix the TPMS light on my Honda Pilot?

Scroll to the vehicle Settings screen, and select it. Select TPMS Calibration….Models with steering wheel buttons:

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select Customize Settings.
  3. Select TPMS Calibration.
  4. Select Initialize.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Press MENU to exit.

What does TPMS light mean on Honda Pilot?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
An innovative Tire Pressure Monitoring System* (TPMS) is a fixture for many Honda models that will monitor tire pressure and alert you when your tires have low tire pressure. When the TPMS warning light alerts you to low tire pressure – you will need to reset it.

Is it safe to drive with TPMS light on?

It’s not safe to drive around with your TPMS light illuminated. If the light comes on while you’re driving, slow down and get to the nearest gas or service station to inspect the tire.

Why is my TPMS light on but tires are fine?

The TPMS warning light may come on when the air pressure drops to 25% on one or more of the tires. If the reading is correct and the TPMS warning light only comes on during the colder portion of the day, then you will know that the sensor’s reading is just affected by the temperature and can ignore the warning light.

Where is the TPMS reset button on a Honda Pilot?

To the right of the steering wheel is a button that will be labeled tpms or something close. Hit this and hold it down until it begins to blink. Once it blinks leave the car sit for about 20 min, as it will take this long for it to recalibrate.

How much does it cost to fix a TPMS sensor?

How much does it cost to replace a TPMS sensor? In the event TPMS sensors need to be replaced, the cost can range from approximately $50-$100 each depending on vehicle type.

Why is my tire pressure light on when my tires are fine Honda?

In most cases, the warning light may be triggered by a tire that is 10% to 15% low in air pressure. Cold or icy weather also has a tendency to lower the air pressure inside the tires. Taking the car for a short drive will heat up the tires and increase the tire pressure.

How much will it cost to replace TPMS sensor?

Generally speaking, the TPMS sensor replacement cost is going to fall somewhere between $230 and $750 in most cases. And unlike some other auto repairs, it’s the parts, not the labor, that are going to get you. TPMS sensors can cost anywhere from $180 to $680 alone.

Will TPMS light come on if tires are overinflated?

TPMS is an electronic system inside the tire that monitors the air pressure in your tires. If your tires are under- or over-inflated, the TPMS activates a warning light on your dashboard. If you have to change a tire, don’t be alarmed when you see the TPMS light illuminate or flash after you install the spare.

How to know if your Honda Pilot has a TPMS light?

If you can’t get to a tire shop with a TMPS code reader, swap a tire with a good sensor to RR, try the drop pressure test, should tell you if its the sensor or the transmitter. Click to expand… Awesome idea. I should’ve thought of that. Thanks!

Where is the air pressure warning light on a Honda Pilot?

The Warning light in the dashboard should be OFF. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine. Via your instrument cluster, you can see which tire has low air pressure. Fill the tire to the recommended PSI air level. The warning light should go OFF. With your vehicle in the ON position without starting the engine.

Why is my TPMS warning light not working?

The problem isn’t due to low air pressure in the tires, but a software issue in the tire pressure monitoring system itself. Software upgrades outlined in TSB #14-006 have succesfully fixed the problem for many owners.

How do you change the air pressure in a Honda Pilot?

Tire wear or failure. Refer to the Manufacturer’s Sticker located on the inside of the Driver’s door. Fill each tire to the recommended PSI/air pressure. Keep in mind, the outdoor temperature affects how fast the air in the tires will adjust to the proper temperature, this could take minutes to several days.