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How do I find documents on my MacBook Pro?

How do I find documents on my MacBook Pro?

Open the Finder from the dock then at the top bar click Finder and select preferences from the drop down. Then select “Sidebar”. There you can select what shows up in the Finder sidebar. Check documents and it should start showing up.

How do you search for a word on a MacBook?

Try Command+F or Control+F keyboard shortcuts

  1. On a Mac computer, the keyboard shortcut is Command + F.
  2. When you search for a word, every instance of that word will be highlighted on the page.
  3. Click the three-dot icon and select “Find” in the drop-down.

How do I see all files on Mac?

Open Finder, in the sidebar menu under locations, select your Mac. Now, select Macintosh HD. From the Go menu on the top bar navigation, press and hold down the Option key. The Library will appear below Home in the list, select to open.

Why can’t I see my Documents on my Mac?

go to Finder Preferences / Sidebar, and check the tickbox “Documents”. Or check your username (the little house), then select it in the Finder’s side bar to access the defaults folder of your account (Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, a.s.o…)

Is there a quick way to find words in Mac dictionary?

You can quickly look up the definitions of words and phrases while working in apps or browsing webpages. In an app or on a webpage on your Mac, Control-click a word or phrase (in some apps you may need to select it first), then choose Look Up from the shortcut menu.

How do you find documents on a Mac?

Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Find Dialog

  1. With the Finder active, display the Find controls by pressing Command+F (or choose File from the Finder menu and then choose Find).
  2. Click the buttons at the top of the list to specify where you want to search.

Where are files stored on a Mac?

It includes the Finder menu bar at the top of the screen and the desktop below that. It uses windows and icons to show you the contents of your Mac, iCloud Drive, and other storage devices. It’s called the Finder because it helps you to find and organize your files.

Where did all my Documents go on my Mac?

The Desktop & Documents Folders setting can be accessed on the Mac via System Preferences > iCloud, then click the Options button for iCloud Drive. Never fear. They remain in place, but in iCloud Drive.

What is the shortcut for Dictionary on Mac?

2 Answers. command ⌘ control ⌃ D is the built-in shortcut for this, performing a Look Up on the current mouse position, as if you’d used Force Touch.

Why can’t I see my documents on my Mac?

How do you open a file on a Mac?

The basic way to open a file on the Mac — and on Windows as well — is to double-click a file. By default, it opens with the application that is assigned to work with its file type; so, if you have Microsoft Office on your Mac, a .doc file opens in Word, and an .xls file opens in Excel.

How do you search for words on a Mac?

There’s a quick and easy keyboard shortcut you can use to search for words on your Mac. This command — Command + F — lets you search for words in everything from documents to web pages. Alternatively, you can use the search bar in Preview to search through text-based documents on your Mac.

How to save any document as a PDF file on a Mac?

1) On your Mac, open the document you want to save as a PDF. 2) Choose File > Print. 3) Click the PDF pop-up menu, then choose Save as PDF 4) Choose a name and location for the PDF file. Enter the information you want in the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords fields. 5) Later, you can search the contents of those fields using Spotlight. 6) To protect your document See More…

How do I locate my Documents folder?

Open Windows Explorer by selecting “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories” and, finally, “Windows Explorer.”. Locate the “My Documents” folder. If pulled up correctly, the folder should be at the top of the drop-down file list on the left side of the screen.