How do I edit my monster profile?

How do I edit my monster profile?

How to Change And Update Account Information On MonsterGo to the Monster home page (see Resources below) and click the link to “Log in.”Enter your username and password in the blanks provided. Click on “Update Account” to see your personal and professional details.

How do I make my Monster account inactive?

If you decide to completely cancel/delete your Monster account, you can do so by following these steps:Click your name in the upper right corner and select Account Settings.Select the Cancel membership link.Select Yes on the summary/review page.Select the Cancel Your Account button.

How do I remove my old resume from Monster?

How to Delete Your Resume on Monster.comLog in to your account and click “Resumes” to view your resumes.Click the “Delete” button next to the resume you’d like to delete. Click “OK” to confirm the deletion. Monster: Help. You may also wish to delete a resume if you need to upload more than five.