How do I contact New American Funding?

How do I contact New American Funding?

Contact Customer Care for more information at (800) 893-5304.

What kind of company is New American Funding?

direct mortgage lenders
New American Funding is one of the largest privately-owned direct mortgage lenders in the nation. Headquartered in Orange County, California, the company is dedicated to helping other families and individuals improve their quality of living through homeownership.

Who is the CEO of New American Funding?

Rick Arvielo (2003–)
New American Funding/CEO

Is NAF on credit report?

And for those with thin credit histories, NAF is sometimes is willing to consider “nontraditional credit.” Those things typically aren’t recorded by credit bureaus and don’t form part of your score.

Who owns New American Funding?

Rick Arvielo
Rick Arvielo is a maverick, visionary, and the Co-Founder and CEO of New American Funding. With integrity as his cornerstone, Rick built a company on values like teamwork, respect, and technological innovation – and aptly named it New American Funding, a mortgage company that has earned the admiration of the industry.

How long does New American Funding take?

New American Funding online convenience Average closing time is less than 35 days, New American Funding says, and there is no charge for an interest rate lock.

Can You Trust New American Funding?

Is the Lender Reputable? New American Funding has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is BBB-accredited. In 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received 71 complaints about New American Funding parent company Broker Solutions.

Who owns New America funding?

Is New American Funding a bank?

New American Funding is a nonbank lender with a good selection of loan products, including purchase, refinance and more. New American Funding also features cash-out refinance mortgages.

What kind of credit score do you need for a first time home buyer?

FICO® Scores☉ of at least 640 or so are typically all that are needed to qualify for first-time homebuyer assistance. FICO® Scores range from 300 to 850. But chances are you may need higher credit scores of around 680 or so to qualify for a conventional mortgage.

How much house can you afford on 40k a year?

3. The 36% Rule

Gross Income 28% of Monthly Gross Income 36% of Monthly Gross Income
$40,000 $933 $1,200
$50,000 $1,167 $1,500
$60,000 $1,400 $1,800
$80,000 $1,867 $2,400

What is the rating for New American Funding?

4.9/5 based on 196,016 reviews.

Who is new American funding and what do they do?

New American Funding is a direct mortgage lender offering an array of mortgage loan options including purchase, refinance, and first time home buyer loans. New American Funding | Mortgage Lender – Home Loans – Refinance (800) 890-1057

How to contact new American funding customer service?

New American Funding makes Customer Service our number one priority. We encourage you to call our Corporate Customer Service department at 800-450-2010 ext. 7100 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific or email us anytime at [email protected] for any complaint resolution you may have regarding the origination of your loan.

Where can I get a new American funding mortgage?

New American Funding works with down payment assistance programs in 14 states, including California, Texas, Florida and Illinois. Uses manual underwriting to evaluate creditworthiness, in some cases. Offers a fully online mortgage application, rate quotes, document upload and loan tracking.