How do I contact La Salle?

How do I contact La Salle?

(632) 536-0244 (direct lines/telefax nos.)

Does DLSU Manila have tourism?

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management trains enthusiastic young individuals in travel and tourism to enable them to meet and satisfy the growing demand of travel industry and to get ahead in the field of business.

Does DLSU have entrance exam?

Freshman applicants for AY 2021-2022 will not be required to take the DLSU College Admission Test (DCAT). Applicants who are from DLSU Senior High School (Manila and Laguna campuses), DLS-Zobel High School and La Salle Greenhills will be evaluated based on their DSHAPE prequalification results.

Does DLSU Manila have uniform?

This is because DLSU is a University that does not require its students to come to class wearing uniforms. This lack of rigidity even serves as one of the remote reasons for students to pursue higher education at the University.

How much is the tuition fee in De La Salle University?

5,000 USD (2012 – 13)
De La Salle University Manila/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How do I get my Dlsu email?

In order to access your My. LaSalle e-mail account, go to enter your User ID and initial password. How long does it take for my e-mail account to get activated? Your e-mail account is activated about two hours after the activation of your My.

How much is the tuition fee in DLSU Manila?

What is the best school for tourism in the Philippines?

6 of the best tourism schools in the Philippines:

  • Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila.
  • Central Philippine University.
  • University of the Philippines – Diliman.
  • University of Santo Tomas.
  • Philippine Women’s College of Davao.
  • De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

What grades do I need to get into Dlsu?

B.Grade Requirement

  • A General Average of at least 85 and above or its letter grade equivalent.
  • No grade below 80 in any subject.
  • No grade below 80 or its equivalent in Conduct / Deportment.
  • Nursery applicants are for interview by the Preschool Coordinator/Associate Principal for Grade School.

Is there a uniform in Ateneo?

Probably the majority of Ateneans have a pair of all-white shoes and it’s amazing how they keep it squeaky clean to think that the campus is full of trees, grass, mud, and soil! No uniforms!