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How do I check my WAEC NovDec centers?

How do I check my WAEC NovDec centers?

How To Check Your NovDec Exams Centers

  1. First Visit the WAEC Registration Portal here.
  2. Then Click the “click here for admission notice” link on the website.
  3. Then Ignore the warning on bottom right by clicking “ignore warning”.
  4. Then Enter your Index number or invoice number.

How do I check my NovDec results?

How To check your NOVDEC Results Without A Scratch Card:

  1. First Dial *944# to buy Novdec Results Checker PIN.
  2. Then Visit the Waec Result Checker Online Portal through this link;
  3. Then Start by entering your Index Number.
  4. Afterwards select the Type of Examination (WASSCE Private).

How can I check my WAEC result without scratch card?

If you do not want to use a scratch card, the best alternative for you to check your WAEC result is through an SMS. SMS stands for short messaging codes. Have a mobile phone. Send the easy combination WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to the short number 32327 from your MTN, Celtel & Glo phone.

Where can I get WAEC past questions?

WAEC e-learning contains past questions and solutions of all subjects. WAEC e-learning portal is accessible from

Is NovDec difficult than Wassce?

Most people say it is more difficult to pass the Nov/Dec than the actual WASSCE but I disagree. Here are a few pointers: 1. (Most Nov/Dec sitters are those who failed a subject or more in the May/June exams and are looking to better their grades to qualify them into tertiary institutions).

How do I check my 2020 NOV Dec?

How To Check NOV DEC Centers 2021

  1. Log into WAEC Registration Portal using link below.
  2. Click the “click here for admission notice” link.
  3. Ignore warning on bottom right by clicking “ignore warning”
  4. Fill in your index number or invoice number.
  5. Click continue to view and print your novdec centers.

How can I buy NovDec result with Momo?

How to buy WASSCE Result Checker using MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial mobile money short code (*170#)
  2. Select Momo pay & paybill.
  3. Select Pay bill.
  4. Select General payment.

Is private Wassce 2020 results out?

The West African Examinations Council wishes to inform its numerous publics that it has released provisional results of candidates who sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates, 2020. Meanwhile, candidates may access their results online at

How can I print Waec result online?

How To Check And Print Your WAEC Result Online

  1. Log on to the WAEC website,
  2. At the left hand side of the web page, you will see few forms to fill to check your results.
  3. Verify all details and if there is no error, click on submit.

How can I pass my Waec maths?

Here are some exam revision tips that will help you pass Wassce maths and English exams:

  1. Start revising early.
  2. Divide the revision material into small bitesize segments.
  3. Join Revision Groups.
  4. Read a lot.
  5. Use past papers.
  6. Show your working.
  7. Track your Progress.

How can I pass Waec?

How to Pass WAEC Examination Excellently

  1. Know The WAEC Exam Format.
  2. Study with The WAEC Syllabus.
  3. Create A Study Timetable.
  4. Read Your SSCE Notes.
  5. Read and Study.
  6. Practice WAEC Past Questions.
  7. Join A Group Study.
  8. Practice WAEC Questions Online.

What do you need to know to register for WAEC?

Candidates are Required to enter their surnames FIRST Before OTHER NAMES.You are also required to enter your personal information which includes: Name, Date of Birth, Region, Email Address, Postal Address, and Disability. Note that your name must not be more than 40 characters.

Is there a difference between WAEC and WASSCE?

WAEC Registers Candidates for Schools and Private Examinations. The School Examination is WASSCE (for School Candidates) while the Private Candidates Examination is WASSCE (for Private Candidates). Please Note that WAEC would not entertain any request for amendment of date of birth after Results had been released.

What are the dimensions of a WAEC signature?

PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SIGNATURE YOU GIVE IS THE ONE YOU USUALLY USE. The dimensions of the scanned photograph should be between 160pixels (Width) by 200pixels (Height). The dimensions of the scanned signature should be between 250pixels (Width) by 150pixels (Height).

How to change your biodata in Ghana WAEC?

BIODATA MODIFICATION AND ADDITION OF SUBJECTS After payment must have been made at the bank, Candidates wishing to change their Biodata and or add more subjects are required to use the Penalty module to do so. To use this module, follow these steps: Login with email and password, select Penalty Type.