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How do Himalayan balsam disperse their seeds?

How do Himalayan balsam disperse their seeds?

The seeds can remain viable for up to 2 years but Himalayan balsam does not form a persistent seedbank in soil. The seedpods are dehiscent and explode when touched or shaken. The seeds are expelled up to 7 m from the parent plant. The seed is transported by water but can also be carried in mud by animals and man.

Can Himalayan balsam be used for anything?

The young leaves are best for salads, the older leaves can be used in soups and stews. The seeds can be collected by placing a bag over as many seed pods as possible and shaking. The flowers can be used in salads.

How far can Himalayan balsam seeds spread?

Himalayan balsam spreads quickly as it can project its seeds up to four metres. Many seeds drop into the water and contaminate land and riverbanks downstream, but the explosive nature of its seed release means it can spread upstream too.

What is wrong with Himalayan Balsam?

Why is Himalayan balsam such a big problem? But Himalayan balsam is a problematic plant. It competes with native plants for light, nutrients, pollinators and space, excluding other plants and reducing biodiversity. It dies back in the winter, leaving river banks bare and open to erosion.

Can you strim Himalayan Balsam?

Strimming. Strimming is a good option where stands are dense, and where the ground is reasonably level. Care should be taken to strim the plant below the first node, as it will otherwise re-grow and flower later in the season. Strimmed plants can be left on site to compost, but only if the seed pods have not yet formed …

How do you stop Himalayan balsam?

Himalayan balsam can be controlled by spraying the foliage with glyphosate. The plants should be sprayed in the spring before flowering but late enough to ensure that germinating seedlings have grown up sufficiently to be adequately covered by the spray.

How bad is Himalayan balsam?

Q5: Why is Himalayan balsam a problem? Himalayan Balsam is one of the UK’s most fastest-spreading invasive weeds today. It starves native plants from sunlight and mineral, leaving riverbanks more susceptible to erosion.

How do you stop Himalayan Balsam?

How bad is Himalayan Balsam?

How tall does a Himalayan balsam plant get?

As you can see, himalayan balsam can achieve quite a height (3 m) allowing it to disperse its seed by exploding seed pods. By growing to such a height and exploding it can disperse its seeds maybe 3-5 m from the original plant, which can cast into the river and carried on by the flow.

How are Himalayan balsam seeds spread in Wales?

Himalayan balsam is found across Wales most commonly along waterways and in damp places. It spreads through local seed dispersal. Each plant can produce up to 800 seeds per year. Seeds are dispersed by exploding seedpods which can scatter seeds approximately 7m from the plant. However, given their common

How to avoid Himalayan balsam explosive seed pods?

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How to pull late season ( flowering ) Himalayan balsam?

How to pull flowering Himalayan balsam: 1 remove himalayan balsam seed pods. 2 collect the seeds in bags. 3 dispose of them at a later date. It is just a simple process of being very careful with the plant and trying to pull it… More