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How did Lynsey Nolan die in Hollyoaks?

How did Lynsey Nolan die in Hollyoaks?

Lynsey is found dead by Brendan Brady. Brendan is distraught and takes her into the centre of the village, where Cheryl Brady comes out of Price Slice and screams. Paul Browning tells everyone that she was choked to death. Doctor Browning ends up being the killer in a flashback.

Is Lynsey Nolan in the fall?

Karen Hassan (born 31 July 1981) is a Northern Irish actress, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From 2010 until 2013 she played Lynsey Nolan in the main series of Hollyoaks. Her other work includes the series Hollyoaks Later, The Fall, and Vikings, as well as the film Hunger.

Who plays Lindsay in Hollyoaks?

Karen HassanHollyoaks
Lynsey Nolan/Played by

Why did Dr Browning killed Lynsey?

Hollyoaks’ official website said Doctor Browning’s motives in killing Lynsey were “presumably to protect Mercedes”. The aftermath of Jacqui’s discovery, including Doctor Browning’s explanation of his motives and kidnapping of Mercedes, boosted Hollyoaks ratings.

Who was the nurse killer in Hollyoaks?

Lindsey Roscoe
Lindsey Roscoe (also Butterfield) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Sophie Austin. The character made her first on-screen appearance on 3 June 2013. Lindsey had been involved in such storylines as covering up the murder of Dr.

What happened to Lindsay in Hollyoaks?

Lindsey Roscoe (also Butterfield) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Sophie Austin. In 2016, it was announced that Austin had quit the role and would be departing the soap later that year. Her final scenes aired 18 May 2016, during which she was murdered by Silas.

How many characters have died in Hollyoaks?

There have been a total of 198 deaths on Hollyoaks; 146 on-screen deaths and 41 off-screen deaths. There have also been 26 fake deaths in the show, 6 historical deaths and 5 deaths that has been mentioned to have taken place (off-screen) prior to the show’s first episode on 23rd October 1995.

When did Lynsey Nolan first appear in Hollyoaks?

In 2010, Hollyoaks series producer Paul Marquess asked Hassan to join Hollyoaks as part of the soap’s ongoing rejuvenation, to which she agreed and the character began appearing in the main show from 11 August 2010. Hassan left Hollyoaks in 2012 when her character was killed off during a “dramatic cliffhanger” episode.

Who is the actress who plays Lynsey in Hollyoaks?

Lynsey was introduced as the best friend of established character, Cheryl Brady ( Bronagh Waugh ), during the first series of Hollyoaks Later in 2008. Karen Hassan auditioned for the role of Lynsey, along with twenty other Irish actresses. Hassan said that she felt nervous prior to the audition, as she was a big fan of Hollyoaks.

Why did Silas try to kill Lynsey in Hollyoaks?

However, after Lynsey tells Doug about Silas’s plans he attempts to kill her for breaking the rules and chases after her. He ends up strangling a woman he believes to be Lynsey because she is wearing the same catwoman costume as her but is devastated to realise he has killed his own daughter Heidi.

Who is the father of Heidi in Hollyoaks?

Do you like this video? Silas Blissett is the father of the late Heidi Costello, whom he murdered in 2011 under the belief that she was Lynsey Nolan. He is also responsible for at least five other murders (many more are implied) as well as several failed murder attempts.