How can I improve my resume quality?

How can I improve my resume quality?

Here are my top 10 tips for how to improve your resume:Use a reverse-chronological format. Optimize with keywords. Proofread! Highlight your quantifiable achievements. Purge “responsible for” from your resume. Eliminate clutter. Know when enough is enough. Delete the “objective” statement.

How can I make my job title sound better?

If you want to get the best results out of your job listing, you can follow these tips to help you create better job titles:Focus the title on what the job actually does. Don’t get cute. Drop the industry jargon. Include the level of seniority. Consider posting the same job with more than one common title.

How do I say I’m good at math on a resume?

The general way to say something like this is “Very comfortable/fluent with mathematics” (or specific fields if they’re relevant, but only if they’re relevant!). Don’t list any math knowledge on your CV for a job that doesn’t rely on mathematics.