How can I apply for driving Licence in Haryana?

How can I apply for driving Licence in Haryana?

How to Obtain a Driving License in Haryana?

  1. Visit Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  2. Click on online services and select driving license related services.
  3. Enter the name of the state.
  4. Click on apply online and new driving license.
  5. Fill out the applicant details and submit the form online.

Can I apply for learning license online in Haryana?

An application for the Haryana learning license can be made online through or directly at the RTO. The applicant can apply for Haryana learning license by following any one of the below-mentioned application processes. On passing the test, the learning license is issued to the applicant.

How can I check my driving Licence status in Haryana?

Here is how you check the status of your driving licence in Haryana through the Sarathi website. Go to Hover above the “Online Services” tab or click on the button.

What is the fees of driving Licence in Haryana?

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Sr. No. Purpuse Amount
5. Issue of International Driving Permit One thousand rupees
6. Addition of another class of vehicle to driving licence Five hundred rupees
7. Endorsement or renewal of authorization for vehicle carrying hazardous goods One hundred rupees
8. Renewal of driving licence Two hundred rupees

How much does it cost to apply for a driving Licence?

In All Cities in UAE like Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ummul Quain, Rasal Khaimah, Al-ain Fujairah etc….Dubai Driving License fee by Driving Schools.

Driving school Total fees
Al Ahli Driving School 3700
Dubai Driving Centre 3800
Belhasa Driving Centre 3900
Emirates Driving Institute 5000

What are the documents required for driving Licence?

Documents Required To Be Submitted For Driving Licence (DL)

  • Proof of address: Any one of the following document can be submitted as proof of address-
  • Ration card.
  • Passport. Voter’s identity card (EPIC Card). Life insurance policy.
  • Proof of age: any one of the following can be submitted as proof of age- Pan Card.

Can we give learning licence test online at home in Haryana?

There are two ways a person can apply for a learner’s licence in Haryana – online and offline. Whichever method the applicant chooses to apply through, they must correctly fill in the application forms, attach the specific documents, and make the fee payment before they can appear for a LL test.

What is DL number?

What Does Driver’s License Number (DLN) Mean? A driver’s license number is a specific identification number assigned to a driver by the issuing government agency. This number is usually required to be displayed on the individual’s driver’s license issued by his or her state.

How can I check if my driving Licence is valid?

How to check driving license expiry date via sms on Ntsa tims @KenyanTraffic

  1. Using your mobile phone start a new message.
  2. Type the driver’s national ID number starting with letters DL for example DL 1234567111 .
  3. Send the text message to 22846.
  4. You will receive an SMS showing either DL Valid or DL Expired.

Is medical certificate required for driving license in Haryana?

Applicant should get a medical certificate from any Govt. Hospital/dispensary or primary health centre or registered medical practitioner having bachelor of Medicine and MBBS degree or an army doctor. Applicants must have their files physically verified by a clerk at the RTA office.

How much does a Sharjah driving Licence cost?

In Al Midfa Driving School Sharjah, an expat has to pay a total fee of AED 2,300 to obtain a license. The course includes 5 parking classes, costing AED 400, 15 assessment training classes, costing AED 1,100 and 10 final training classes, costing AED 800.

How to apply for learner driving licence in Haryana?

Applicant should visit the facilitation center or ASK, to have an operator fill in the prescribed forms online. Attach all required documents to the printed form provided by the Facilitation Desk or ASK.

How to check your DL status in Haryana?

To check the application status of your DL, visit and click on Online Services → Driving Licence Related Service. Step 4: After you click on the Submit button, you will get to see all information related to your DL application in Haryana

How old do you have to be to get a transport licence in Haryana?

Those aged 20 or older and already holding their learner’s licence, and have experience driving a non-transport automobile for at least a year, are eligible to apply for a transport vehicle licence. Applicants must be aware of and conform to all the current traffic laws.

How to apply for driving licence in India?

Driving Licence Application-cum-decalration as to physic Form 1 Form of Licence for the Establishment of Form 11 Form of Application for a Licence to Eng Form 12 Form of Application for Renewing a Licen Form 13 Register showing the Enrolment of Traine Form 14