How big is Chanel wallet on chain?

How big is Chanel wallet on chain?

The Wallet on Chain measures 4,8 x 7,6 x 1,4 inches. Or in centimeters, 12,3 x 19,2 x 3,5 cm.

Is Chanel WOC too small?

If you’re desperately looking for a small Chanel bag, the Chanel WOC (wallet on chain) is an awesome alternative. The style of the WOC is more acceptable as a small bag than the flap bag. Overall, the Chanel small flap is ideal for a petite girl. Ladies of average size should maybe go with the jumbo or maxi size.

What fits in wallet on chain?

You can wear the wallet on chain bag as a cross body bag, long shoulder bag or as a clutch bag. The chain isn’t removable or adjustable, but you can wrap the chain around the flap to make the chain strap shorter, but generally I wear mine as a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. But it’s nice to have options!

How do you authenticate a Chanel wallet on a chain?

How To Legit Check Chanel Wallet On Chain?

  1. The Overall Look.
  2. The Caviar Leather.
  3. The Logo.
  4. The Back of The Bag.
  5. The Side.
  6. The Inner Signature.
  7. The Location of Production Text.
  8. The Serial Number.

Are wallet on chains worth it?

With similar (if not the same) silhouettes and motifs as the classic bags you know, but with an affordable price and smaller size, a WOC is definitely a bag worth considering. These bags, are after all, your best bet when you’re heading out on an errand but don’t want to carry a lot.

What is the lightest Chanel bag?

The name itself points out that mini flaps are the smallest bags in the Chanel family. And it’s natural that people are concerned about their sizes. While choosing a luxury purse to buy it’s very important to make sure it won’t only suit your style but will be spacious enough to fit your essentials.

Is the Chanel wallet on chain worth it?

It’s true, everyone loves a Chanel WOC and it’s a classic Chanel handbag, so it retains it’s value very nicely if you do decide to resell it in the future. Also, because the wallet is built into the bag, you can pretty much fit the same amount in the medium classic flap as you can the WOC.

Does Chanel wallet on chain have serial number?

Serial number is printed on a white sticker that is covered with transparent tape, with two Chanel logos above the serial number. Sticker has an “X” cut into it to prevent removal without damage. The transparent tape has “CHANEL” printed vertically on the right side and a dark vertical line running down the left side.

Are all Chanel WOC same size?

In terms of what I could fit inside each bag. The 2014 Chanel Boy and the Fall 2016 Trendy CC WOC actually fit the same amount of things. For the size difference, the Chanel Double Flap fits about double the amount of the items you could fit inside the Trendy CC WOC or the 2014 Chanel Boy if you play tetris with it.