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How big is a case of paintballs?

How big is a case of paintballs?

Rec Paintballs : 500 round Case.

How much paintballs come in a box?

How Many Paintballs are in a Case? The standard case of paintballs comes in box containing 4 bags of 500 paintballs each, for a total of 2000. If the average game uses 400 to 500 rounds, one case should last up to four days of play.

How much is a 500 paintball bag?

Paintballs generally range from $15 – $30 per 500 round bag, and $50-75 per 2000 round case. Some of the things that affect paintball price are as follows: Shell quality: paintballs need to be round to fly straight. A more expensive paintball has greater perfection and consistency.

How many paintballs do I need?

How many paintballs will I need? For an adult squad, we would say that the minimum amount of paintballs you would need for a day of action would be around 100 paintballs a game. This will allow you to get stuck in! For juniors/teenagers, 50 Paintballs per game would be the minimum needed.

How fast do paintballs go?

The muzzle velocity of paintball markers is approximately 90 m/s (300 ft/s); most paintball fields restrict speed to 280-300 fps, and small indoor fields may further restrict it down to 250 fps. While greater muzzle velocity is possible, it has been ruled unsafe for use on most commercial paintball fields.

How bad do paintballs hurt?

The pain will range from ‘similar to being snapped by an elastic band’ to ‘getting stung by a bee’, and the worst you’ll get is a small bruise or welt, nothing too dramatic so long as you stick to the rules.

How many paintballs do you need for an hour?

The average paintball player uses approximately 200 paintballs per hour of play. You can adjust this number depending on your mood and level of competitiveness. If you need to get out some aggressions, you can estimate to add about 100 more.

How fast does a paintball gun shoot in mph?

The average paintball has a velocity of about 280 fps, or 190 mph, which is far slower than any regular gun.

How fast is 300 fps in mph?

300 feet per second = 204.5 miles per hour To calculate a feet per second value to the corresponding value in mph, just multiply the quantity in fps by 0.68181818181818 (the conversion factor).

Can a paintball break a bone?

Knee and Ligament injuries: Common Knee and ligament injuries include, Torn Ligament Ruptured Tendons, MCL Injuries, ACL Injuries Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Torn Meniscus Injury, and Fracture Other Paintball injuries: Open Head Wounds. Contusions and. Broken Bones.

Do paintballs hurt?

It’s very common for players to feel a slight sting, similar to a firm flick on the arm. The pain is minor and typically fades quickly. While most hits are insignificant, a paintball can cause bruises and welts. The severity depends on the speed of the ball, the distance the ball travels, and where it hits your body.

Which is the best brand of paintballs to buy?

Valken offers the best .68 caliber paintballs available to suit any game requirement, style of play or weather conditions, all freshly manufactured and environmentally safe!

What kind of paintball is best for graffiti?

From pro-level Redemption to the legendary consistent performance of Graffiti, Valken paintballs set the standard for quality, accuracy and bright-marking performance, shot after shot, case after case, game after game!

Do you get free shipping on cheap paintballs?

Cheap Paintballs – Free Shipping On Paintballs Cheap paintballs make it easier to play paintball more often. With our cheap paintballs, you will get good quality paint and will be able to play more often. Free shipping on all of our cheap paintballs.

How much does a 50 caliber paintball gun cost?

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