How big do convict cichlids get?

How big do convict cichlids get?

How Big Do Convict Cichlids Get? You can expect them to normally grow between 3 and 4 inches long but larger males may grow up to 6 inches. This is one of the few fish species where the males are larger than the females. Females can be identified by their smaller size and the single dark spot on their dorsal fins.

Are convict fish aggressive?

Convict cichlids, Amatitlania nigrofasciata, are small, highly aggressive, territorial freshwater fish, native to Central America.

What fish can I mix with convict cichlids?

Ideal tank mates for convict cichlids consists of robust similar sized fish. Such fish include T-Bar cichlids, Honduran red points, Green Terrors, Jewel cichlids, Salvini, Jack Dempsey, (Keep in mind as Dempseys outgrow the convicts territorial issues will become a problem.)

Are convict cichlids friendly?

And as Central American Cichlids they are plenty aggressive and will fight with Convicts if kept in too small of an aquarium. Give both species plenty of room to claim territories, dig, and explore when keeping them together!

What is the lifespan of a convict cichlid?

roughly 8 to 10 years
The average convict cichlid lifespan is roughly 8 to 10 years. There have been plenty of instances where these fish have exceeded this range, but that’s the average assuming proper care is given.

Can convicts live with Oscars?

Black Convict Cichlids usually stay under six inches or so, but they still make great Oscar tank mates. Convict are tough, hardy, and fierce enough to hold their own against an Oscar. That said, a Convict will be perfectly fine in you Oscar tank as long there isn’t too big of a size difference.

How many convict cichlids can I have in a 55 gallon tank?

A 55 gallon tank can house up to 15 African cichlids depending on species, maximum size and temperament.

Can 2 male convict cichlids live together?

Community tanks do come with some element of risk with this fish even if you pair them with recommended species. One convict cichlid alone or a male and female combo are two common choices. The more you add, the higher the chance for territorial and aggression. Also, don’t put a male and female in a community tank!

How often do convict cichlids have babies?

How often do convict fish have babies? In contrast, females in aquaria are known to breed many times per year with short intervals of 12 or 13 days between broods, as long as suitable rocks or similar surfaces are available for them to lay their eggs on.