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Does Webex have dial in numbers?

Does Webex have dial in numbers?

Global Call-In: Webex offers local toll and toll-free dial-in numbers in several countries. With this method, your attendees will dial phone numbers in their respective region(s) to connect to the teleconference. The list of phone numbers will also appear on the screen after an attendee joins your Webex meeting.

How do I dial a number in Webex?

When you join your meeting or event, click the audio connection options in the preview window. Select Call-in from the list and join the meeting. Click Show all global call-in numbers in the Call-in list.

Are Webex Dial In numbers toll-free?

The Webex subscriber pays the toll rate (as defined in the contract) for audio usage. A toll-free call is when a participant calls into a region-specific toll-free number (within the US the area code is 800, 866, 877, 888, etc.) The Webex subscriber pays the toll-free rate for audio usage.

Can you make a call from Webex?

Make a Call from Cisco Webex Board. You can make direct video calls from a Cisco Webex Board to contact someone or dial into a meeting. You can search and call any person or device in your organization.

Can I call someone on Webex?

In Webex, you can easily search, call, and meet with someone just by typing their name or email address. If you’re making a call to a room device, simply enter the video address and enjoy your meeting. You can use the app header in Webex to call someone else who uses the app.

How does Webex dial in work?

What’s the easiest way to dial into a conference call?

  1. Simply enter your phone number or preferred video device when the conference call begins.
  2. Webex will call you directly—no dialing, no passcodes!

How do I enable global call-in Webex?

Enabling these options provides access to the teleconference using global call-in numbers by default. Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Audio Settings. Check the Assign default call-in numbers check box.

Do WebEx calls cost money?

There is no additional cost to have a WebEx, but if you call in to the WebEx you may incur long distance charges. You should use the “Call Me” option instead if you need to use a phone. That will have the WebEx call the number you input at no cost.

How much do WebEx calls cost?

Webex Meetings Pricing

Name Price
Basic Plan Free
Meet Plan $13.50per user/month
Meet + Call Plan $20per user/month
Enterprise Call usFlexible subscription plans

Is Webex audio or video?

The great thing about Webex Meetings is that it’s a full video and content-sharing cloud solution that you can join via desktop, mobile, browser, and video devices.

How do I start a Webex call?

When you’re on a phone call with someone in Webex and you need to include other people in the discussion, you can start a conference call….

1 When you’re on a phone call with somebody, select More and then select Add a person.
2 Enter number or type a name and select Call .
3 Select to join the two phone calls.

Can you dial someone into a Webex meeting?

You can make direct video calls from a Cisco Webex Board to contact someone or dial into a meeting. You can search and call any person or device in your organization. Select Invite people to this meeting and enter the name of the participant you want to add to the meeting.

How to contact WebEx international toll free toll free?

WebEx International Dial Numbers (as of October 11, 2016) Full List . Calling From Call-in Numbers US Toll +1 210 606 9466 Calling From Call-in Numbers India New Delhi Toll +91 1130491228 India Toll Free 180030106145 Indonesia Toll Free 0018030170070

How to dial in to a WebEx Meeting without a computer?

For participants to dial in without a computer, locate the small information button at the top-left corner of the meeting in session. When you schedule a meeting, a meeting number will be given as well. The meeting number and access code are the same number.

Is there a toll for WebEx in San Francisco?

If you have unlimited nationwide calling, you should not incur a toll when dialing this number located in San Francisco. If you’re using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) to access WebEx Meetings, an option similar to the desktop edition is shown before you connect to a meeting.

How to call home with Francais Canadien WebEx?

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