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Does the Narita Express go to Shibuya?

Does the Narita Express go to Shibuya?

The Narita Express or N’EX is fast, convenient and pleasant to ride, directly connecting Narita International Airport with major urban areas in and around Tokyo including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama. The N’EX takes you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station in as fast as 53 minutes.

How much does the Narita Express cost?

The most comfortable way of travel between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station is the JR Narita Express (NEX). The one way journey takes roughly one hour, costs around 3000 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass and some other JR passes. There are departures every 30 to 60 minutes.

Do I need to book Narita Express in advance?

Narita Express is a Limited Express train, provided by JR East. To access the train, the desired seats must be reserved in advance (valid for JR Pass holders as well).

Can I use IC card for Narita Express?

If you will arrive in Narita and stay in Tokyo for several days, Suica & N’ex may be suitable for your stay. This ticket includes Narita Express ticket and 1500 e-money in IC card “Suica”. You can use this ticket for almost any trains when you stay in Tokyo.

How do you catch Narita Express from Shinjuku?

Take the Yamanote Line from Shinjuku Station to Nippori Station and transfer there to the Keisei Skyliner bound for Narita Airport. Take the Yamanote Line from Shinjuku Station to Nippori and transfer there to the Keisei Main Line bound for Narita Airport.

Can you use JR pass on Narita Express?

Getting into Tokyo with the JR Pass. Getting into Tokyo using the JR Pass from Narita Airport is fast and convenient, as you can use the Narita Express train for free. This train is specially equipped with luggage racks, reserved seating, WiFi and screens with live flight and transfer information.

Where does the Narita Express stop?

Service is provided between Narita Airport and Tokyo, Shinjuku and Yokohama every 30 minutes during most of the day. All trains operating to/from Shinjuku now stop at Shibuya, and all trains to/from Yokohama now stop at the new Musashi-Kosugi Station.

Is Narita Express a bullet train?

Rapid and smooth, the Narita Express offers a level of luxury comparable to Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains. The sleek E259-series trains are used exclusively by the N’EX and consist of six cars, with a bold split-face design on the lead car.

How long is the train from Narita to Shibuya?

These comfortable, quiet trains take you directly from Narita Airport to Shibuya in about an hour and a half, at a cost of ¥3,250 (or a very reasonable ¥4,070 for a round trip). Check the timetable to see which Narita Express trains go to Shibuya—not all of them go through this station.

Where can I buy a Narita Express Ticket?

All seats on the N’EX are reserved and a fare ticket and limited express ticket are required; the Japan Rail Pass can also be used. Tickets can be purchased at Narita airport and JR ticket offices, and limited express tickets can be bought at vending machines on N’EX platforms.

When is the N ex train from Narita Airport?

From Shinjuku Station, the first N’EX train departs at 5:55 A.M. Most other hubs including Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinagawa and Tokyo Station have N’EX services starting between 6 and 7 A.M. From Narita airport going into Tokyo, the trains begin at about 7:45 A.M. and depart every 30 minutes or so until about 9:45 P.M.

Is there a train from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station?

While buses to Tokyo Station take about 90 to 100 minutes, the N’EX competes against the Keisei Skyliner express train. Although Skyliner trains can travel from Narita airport to Keisei Ueno station in 41 minutes, it’s another 15 minutes to Tokyo Station via JR trains including transfer time.