Does Parlophone still exist?

Does Parlophone still exist?

Warner Music Group (WMG) acquired Parlophone and [PLG] on 7 February 2013, making Parlophone their third flagship label alongside Warner and Atlantic. PLG was renamed Parlophone Records Limited in May 2013. Parlophone is the oldest of WMG’s “flagship” record labels….Parlophone.

Parlophone Records
Founder Carl Lindström

Is Parlophone part of Warner?

Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG), an Access Industries company, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Parlophone Label Group (PLG) from Universal Music Group (UMG), a subsidiary of Vivendi. This acquisition further cements Warner Music’s place as the world’s best home for extraordinary artists.”

How do you license a song on UMG?

If you would like to obtain rights to use a song or lyrics from a song that is administered or published by Universal Music Publishing Group you should contact UMPG’s Film & TV Licensing department via the UMPG website by selecting “license request” at the bottom of the page.

How do you license music for commercial use?

Generally, if you want to use a commercial song in your video, you must obtain two licenses:

  1. Sync (synchronization) license from the music publisher.
  2. Master license from the recording label.

What was the name of the head of Parlophone Records?

Mark Mitchell has been named as Co-President of Parlophone Records from 1st January 2018, reporting into Max Lousada, CEO Recorded Music, WMG & Chairman and CEO, Warner Music UK.

What year did Parlophone split from EMI?

The former EMI Records Ltd. was renamed Parlophone Records Ltd. in 2013, when Warner Music Group acquired Parlophone Music Group which has the rights to the old EMI Records catalogue.

What labels are under WMG?

WMG’s family of labels—including Atlantic Records, Elektra Music Group, Parlophone, and Warner Records—is among the most prominent and successful in the history of music, encompassing a global roster of acclaimed artists and an unparalleled catalog including many of the world’s most popular and influential recordings.

How do songs get heard by record labels?

Keep it Short and Sweet

  1. A short demo. Go for two to three of your best songs.
  2. Your demo should be clearly labeled with your name and email address (NOT your number – you’re more likely to get a response via email).
  3. SHORT band bio. Keep it on the subject and to the point.
  4. Press clippings, if available.

When did HMV become part of Parlophone Records?

Parlophone’s roster includes many popular music artists. Its contemporary HMV was more of a classical music label and ceased issuing popular music recordings in 1967; later known as EMI Classics, it was absorbed into Warner Classics in 2013; English Columbia was replaced by the EMI pop label.

Where does Parlophone get their music from in the US?

In the US, most of Parlophone’s artists are now distributed under Warner Records except Dinosaur Pile-Up, distributed by Roadrunner Records, Coldplay and Tinie Tempah, both distributed by Atlantic Records, and David Guetta, distributed by Atlantic’s electronic music imprint Big Beat Records.

Who is the parent company of Parlophone Records?

Warner Music closed the deal on July 1. Parlophone Label Group was the old EMI Records label that included both the Parlophone and the eponymous EMI labels. The EMI trademark was retained by Universal (as Virgin EMI Records) while the “old” EMI Records became defunct and was renamed “Parlophone Records Ltd.”.

When did George Martin sign the Beatles to Parlophone?

On 6 June 1962, producer George Martin signed the Beatles to Parlophone, in turn, making the Beatles’ deal one of the cheapest by Parlophone.