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Does Hisao die?

Does Hisao die?

OK, They weren’t that close to Hisao yet, but Emi and Hisao have been running together while Nurse told her to keep an eye on him, while Hanako is scared shitless of making a new friend but tries to anyway. Then suddenly Hisao falls off the roof and dies.

What happened to Hanako ikezawa?

Ikezawa (Hanako’s parents) died in a house fire when Hanako was eight and she only survived because her mother shielded her from the flames. Unfortunately, the entire right side of Hanako’s body was badly burned and scarred.

How do you get the Lilly good ending in Katawa Shoujo?

Basically just open up to her. Let her be part of your life and your problems and you’ll get the good ending. 🙂 There are many guides out there. But it’s simple, really.

What is Misha’s disability?

One of the devs stated that Misha’s disability was a broken nail, which is obviously meant to indicate she has no actual disability.

How long does it take to finish Katawa Shoujo?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 83 7h 45m
Main + Extras 35 24h 47m
Completionists 39 36h
All PlayStyles 157 18h 34m

How many endings are there in Katawa Shoujo?

** Hanako’s Route Has 3 Endings: Good, Neutral, and Bad.

Who is Hanako’s dad?

Reizaburô Yamamoto
Reizaburô Yamamoto: Hanako’s father.

Are Hanako and Yashiro together?

In the Picture Perfect Arc, when Hanako becomes her classmate, Nene is very surprised to see him as human instead of an apparition. Hanako [As Amane] finally asks her if she likes him, and Nene replies with a resounding yes, confirming that she does in fact, have romantic feelings for Hanako.

What should I play after Katawa Shoujo?

14 Games Like Katawa Shoujo

  • The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook. The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook is the second game in a series of visual novels developed by Winter Wolves.
  • Love and Order.
  • Nicole.
  • Always Remember Me.
  • Re: Alistair++
  • Choice of Robots.
  • Analogue: A Hate Story.
  • My Candy Love.

How did Rin lose her arms?

Rin lost both of her arms because of a birth defect, but that never stopped her from doing what she wanted. Because of her disability she got quite adept at using her feet and mouth for everyday tasks, or something extraordinary like painting.

Who shot Misha?

Felix Shirley was convicted of murdering Misha Moore. Felix Shirley offered Misha Moore $8 in exchange for sex. When Moore said it wasn’t enough, Shirley beat and killed her.

How many words are in Katawa Shoujo?

Video games

Game title Genre English words (thousands)
Katawa Shoujo Visual Novel 490
Mass Effect 2 RPS 450
Baldur’s Gate RPG 434
Mass Effect 3 RPS 430

How old is Hisao Nakai in Katawa Shoujo?

” Hisao Nakai (中井久夫, Nakai Hisao) is the protagonist of Katawa Shoujo. He is an 18 year old male individual that has been diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia and congenital heart muscle deficiency. The entire story is told from his perspective, starting with his heart attack from being confessed to by Iwanako at the beginning.

What do you need to know about Katawa Shoujo?

The Katawa Shoujo Wiki is an encyclopedia about the visual novel ‘Katawa Shoujo’. Katawa Shoujo (Disability Girls) is a romance visual novel covering the life of Hisao following his heart attack and subsequent transfer to a specialist school, along with the romance he finds there.

How did Kenji die in Katawa Shoujo?

When he suggests going trawling for women, Kenji leans uncomfortably toward Hisao. He leans back, falls off the roof of the building, and dies.

How tall is Aura in Katawa Shoujo?

Aura gave his height as 171 cm in the Ask! topic of the forum, which would make him the exact same height as Lilly, although this isn’t revealed in the game itself.