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Do you need moon clips for the governor?

Do you need moon clips for the governor?

The Governor has only increased in popularity since it was first introduced, partly because it allows one to shoot a number of different rounds without having to change out the cylinder or any other parts. 45 ACP through your Governor, you will need moon clips that securely hold the ammo in the cylinder.

Which Smith and Wesson revolvers use moon clips?

The U.S. War Department asked Smith & Wesson and Colt to devise ways to use the M1911’s . 45 ACP rimless cartridge in their revolvers. The result was the M1917 revolver, employing moon clips to chamber the military-issue .

Are moon clips reusable?

These clips allow speed reloads/unloading of Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered in . 45 ACP. Faster than a traditional speed loader and less bulky, plus all your empties stay together since the clip ejects with the fired brass. Full moon clips are reusable hundreds of times.

What is a Smith and Wesson moon clip?

Moon clips are generally a circular or star shaped piece of metal or polymer; designed to hold rimless cartridges in revolver cylinders.

How accurate is the Smith and Wesson Governor?

The Governor produced solid defensive accuracy at 7 yards with . 45 Colt loads. Groups ranged from 2 inches to 3.15 inches, with the best five-shot averages produced by Winchester’s PDX-1 225-grain jacketed hollow points at 2.5 inches. At 25 yards, groups opened up into the 5- to 6-inch range.

Can you shoot 45 ACP in a governor?

The Smith & Wesson Governor is the perfect six-round revolver for home defense and survival shooting. It can shoot . 410 2.5” shells, . 45 ACP, and .

Does the Ruger LCR 9mm require moon clips?

The LCR 9 will still fire 9mm ammo without the use of the moon clips, they just won’t eject properly. Stick with using moon clips for proper operation. Loading and unloading moon clips is slower than loading and unloading standard revolver speed loaders. I found the moon clips Ruger supplied easy enough to use.

Can a Ruger GP100 use moon clips?

Designed for use with 10mm Auto ammunition used in the Ruger® GP100® Match Champion®. These full moon clips are made from . The easy to load full moon clips act as a speed loader for quick reloads. The design allows for loading and unloading without the use of a moon clip tool.

What are Ruger moon clips?

Ruger LCR Moon Clip 5 Rounds for 9mm Luger Models 3 Pack – 90460 The Ruger 9mm Moon Clips makes loading your LCR series 9mm Luger revolver quick and easy. These moon clips hold 5 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition. The blued finish will protect them from corrosion and excessive wear.

Is the S&W governor a good gun?

45 Colt rounds were by far the most accurate through the S&W Governor, producing 3-4-inch 7-yard groups, reliable center of mass hits at 15-yards, and accurate enough to hit a full sized silhouette out to 50 yards. . 45 ACP groups were roughly double that size. Surprisingly some . 410 slugs were also pretty accurate.

Are there moon clips for a 45 ACP revolver?

Sale! These moon clips are designed to fit six-shot .45 ACP revolvers from Colt and Smith & Wesson, including the Governor. FREE de-mooning tool to help you remove stubborn spent brass easily.

How does the moon clip loading and unloading tool work?

The rings on the handle end of the tool are for stripping fired cartridge cases from the moon clip. The moon clip bears against a recess that gives you a huge mechanical advantage-you simply place the spent case in the ring and pry. When the case is free of the moon clip, it drops through the hole in the ring.

What kind of clips are in a moon clip?

Description Moon Clip Packs 10 Pack, 20 Pack, 50 Pack, 100 Pack Type Revolver Manufacturer Smith & Wesson® Model 25, 625, 625 JM, GOVERNOR, GOVERNOR CT, Caliber 45 ACP