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Do you need an appointment for minor injuries unit Glasgow?

Do you need an appointment for minor injuries unit Glasgow?

For minor injuries such as cuts that need stitches, broken bones, sprains and minor burns, please call 111 and ask for our Minor Injury Units (MIU) service. NHS 24 will provide you with advice on next steps, which may include a virtual or telephone consultation, and/ or, a face-to-face appointment at one of our MIUs.

Can you just turn up at a minor injuries unit?

You can also just turn up and walk in. Find your nearest open walk-in centre or minor injury unit in the map below: Many walk-in centres and minor injury units have a GP service and outside of the usual opening times there is an out-of-hours GP service. To access the out of hours GP service, please call 111.

Can you just walk into minor injuries?

When to visit an urgent treatment centre (walk-in centre or minor injury unit) You can go to an urgent treatment centre if you need urgent medical attention, but it’s not a life-threatening situation. Conditions that can be treated at an urgent treatment centre include: sprains and strains.

Does stobhill hospital have wards?

Stobhill ACH has opened the doors to its brand new acute mental health wards. The £10.7m purpose built wards, represent the latest in clinical thinking and design and mark the future of inpatient care in mental health facilities.

What do minor injuries unit deal with?

Minor injury units can treat a range of conditions which have occurred during the previous 14 days. These include sprains and strains; broken bones; minor burns and scalds; head injuries (but not if someone is unconscious); insect and animal bites and stings; minor eye injuries, cuts, bruising and grazes.

What happens at minor injuries unit?

A minor injuries unit (MIU) is a type of walk-in clinic service provided in some hospitals in the United Kingdom. Units are generally staffed by emergency nurse practitioners (ENPs) who can work autonomously to treat minor injuries such as lacerations and fractures. Some units have access to X-ray facilities.

What are examples of minor injuries?

Examples of minor injuries include the following.

  • Shallow cuts or abrasions.
  • Sprains and muscle strain.
  • Bruises and skin lesions.
  • Minor burns covering only a small area of skin.

What do minor injury units deal with?

Minor injuries units can treat:

  • sprains and strains.
  • broken bones.
  • wound infections.
  • minor burns and scalds.
  • minor head injuries.
  • insect and animal bites.
  • minor eye injuries.
  • injuries to the back, shoulder and chest.

What classifies as a minor injury?

A minor injury is a “soft-tissue” or muscle injury, like a muscle strain or a sore back. The most common soft tissue injury after a crash is whiplash, which often results in neck pain. A minor psychological or psychiatric injury is a psychological or psychiatric injury that’s not a recognised psychiatric illness.

What does stobhill hospital Specialise in?

The new Stobhill Hospital provides general outpatient treatment and diagnostic services such as: physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech and language therapy, renal dialysis, heart and lung investigations, cardiac rehabilitation, elderly day care, diabetic care, a chronic pain service, x-rays.

When was stobhill hospital built?

New Stobhill Hospital/Founded

Can you go to minor injuries with an old injury?

You must be at least 12 years old to use a Minor Injuries Unit, and be able to make your own way there. Things they can see include: injuries that have happened in the last 14 days.

Is there a minor injury unit at Stobhill Hospital?

There is a new Minor Injuries Unit with its own dedicated entrance for rapid access to a highly skilled clinical team. The unit is open seven days a week 9.00am till 9.00pm. A&E and Minor Injuries Services are available in a number of locations. Use our postcode finder to see which is the right one for you.

Are there any mental health services in Stobhill?

These include a new state of the art Stobhill Hospital, a number of general and specialist mental health services, a minor injuries unit and a brand new purpose-built Marie Curie Cancer Care hospice on the campus site. A&E and Minor Injuries Services are available in a number of locations.

When did the Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow open?

The New Stobhill Hospital opened its doors in 2009. It provides state-of-the-art health facilities for the people of Glasgow in a modern care system. The project is a key component of the overall modernisation of Glasgow’s acute hospitals, involving investments totalling over £750m.

Where to go for minor injury in Glasgow?

Under 1-year-olds: Go to the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, Emergency Department. 1 to 5-year-olds: Go to either the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock or the Vale of Leven Minor Injury Unit. 5 to 15-year-olds: Go to the nearest Minor Injury Unit.