Did IBEX go out of business?

Did IBEX go out of business?

Ibex Relaunches Fall 2019 In December 2017, a month after laying off a third of its workforce, Vermont-based Ibex announced it was going out of business, after 20 years of operation. In March 2018, New York-based investor group Flour Fund acquired Ibex’s intellectual property rights and remaining assets.

What happened to Ibex clothing company?

Vermont-based wool-clothing manufacturer Ibex closed its doors in February 2018. The move came as the brand transitioned to a direct-to-consumer sales model in an effort to reduce operating costs as the brand tried to stay afloat in a sea of outdoor apparel competition, both online, and in stores.

What does IBEX Pakistan do?

ibex. is a leading end-to-end provider of technology-enabled Customer Lifecycle Experience (CLX) solutions. ibex helps leading brands worldwide acquire, engage, and retain customers.

What is Ibex business?

IBEX IT Business Experts (IBEX) is an award-winning Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Training firm specializing in Best Practice Frameworks, Process Improvement and IT Service Management Solutions. IBEX is a provider of process improvement consulting and education solutions.

Who owns IBEX now?

Flour Fund
In October 2019, Ibex relaunched as an online-only store, under the ownership of Flour Fund, which purchased the brand in early 2018, and the direction of Bonnie Shupe, and is now based in Boulder, Colorado.

Who bought ibex?

Shuttered in early 2018 after struggling to find its footing in a fast-moving and ever-shifting omni-channel market, the 20-year-old brand best known for its Vermont roots and high-end merino apparel, Ibex, was sold to New York investor group, Flour Fund.

What do you know about IBEX Global?

IBEX Global is a rapidly expanding BPO company, offering innovative and effective solutions to multiple Fortune 500 companies around the world. Its 9,000-strong community of agents, customer service experts, and creative thinkers propel the company to becoming one of the top companies in the contact center industry.

How many employees does IBEX have?

15,838 employees
IBEX is an industry leader with 15,838 employees and an annual revenue of $255.5M that is headquartered in the United States.

What does IBEX stand for?


Acronym Definition
IBEX Interstellar Boundary Explorer (NASA satellite)
IBEX International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference
IBEX International Business Exchange (initiative funded by the European Commission)
IBEX Infrared Balloon Experiment

Who is the owner of IBEX Global?

Bob Dechant –
Bob Dechant – Chief Executive Officer – IBEX | Global | LinkedIn.

Why did IBEX go out of business?

It was all either Gore-Tex or polyester fleece.” In December 2017, Ibex announced that it would be shutting down its operations in February 2018 after the company’s struggles in the outdoor market which led to the company laying off a third of its staff in November.

What is IBEX Global all about?

Delivering superior customer service for over 12 years, IBEX is a business process outsourcer offering contact center solutions to Fortune 500 clients around the world. As our clients’ brand ambassadors, our employees elevate their sales, marketing, technical and relationship management expertise to new heights.