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Did Archibald Motley have kids?

Did Archibald Motley have kids?

In 1933 Motley and his wife gave birth to their only child, Archibald Motley III. After the death of his wife Edith in 1948, Motley put his artistic career on hold to support his family. Despite his early success he now went to work as a shower curtain painter for nine years.

Where was Archibald Motley born?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United StatesArchibald Motley / Place of birth

What was Archibald Motley known for?

PaintingArchibald Motley / Known forPainting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used.
In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action. Wikipedia

When was Archibald Motley born?

October 7, 1891Archibald Motley / Date of birth
Archibald Motley, in full Archibald John Motley, Jr., (born October 7, 1891, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.—died January 16, 1981, Chicago, Illinois), American painter identified with the Harlem Renaissance and probably best known for his depictions of black social life and jazz culture in vibrant city scenes.

What medium did Archibald Motley use?

PaintingArchibald Motley / Form

How did Motley artwork affect Smith?

How did Motley’s artwork affect Smith? It is making him think about a career as an art curator at the Museum of Fine Arts. It helped him recognize the breadth of Black culture in the United States. It inspired him to work on his own art as a way to express himself to others.

What type of artist was Archibald Motley?

Harlem RenaissanceArchibald Motley / Period

What city did Motley mostly depict?

(1891-1981), was born in New Orleans and lived and worked in the first half of the 20th century in a predominately white neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest side, a few miles from the city’s growing black community known as “Bronzeville.” In his work, Motley intensely examines this community, carefully constructing …

What kind of artist was Archibald Motley?

What is the name given to the African American artistic and intellectual movement that took place in New York City during the 1920s?

The Harlem Renaissance was the development of the Harlem neighborhood in New York City as a Black cultural mecca in the early 20th Century and the subsequent social and artistic explosion that resulted.

Who painted nightlife?

Archibald MotleyNightlife / Artist

Who was Archibald j.motley married to?

He spent most of his time studying the Old Masters and working on his own paintings. After fourteen years of courtship, Motley married Edith Granzo, a white woman from his family neighborhood. Her family promptly disowned her, and the interracial couple often experienced racism and discrimination in public.

Where did Archibald Motley go to high school?

Motley spent the majority of his life in Chicago, where he was a contemporary of fellow Chicago artists Eldzier Cortor and Gus Nall. He lived in a predominantly white neighborhood, and attended majority white primary and secondary schools. He graduated from Englewood High School in Chicago.

What was Archibald Motley’s favorite painting to paint?

When they first met 35 years ago, Archibald Motley Jr. (1891-1981) told Valerie Gerrard Browne, his future daughter in law, that his favorite painting is “Portrait of My Grandmother.” Today, Browne, who serves as caretaker of the artist’s legacy, says she favors “Portrait of My Grandmother,” too. “It is something about the dignity of her.

Where did Archibald Motley live in New Orleans?

Unlike many other Harlem Renaissance artists, Archibald Motley, Jr. never lived in Harlem. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Mary Huff Motley and Archibald John Motley Senior. His mother was a school teacher until she married.