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Choosing the perfect topic for the cause and effect essay

The cause and effect essay are one of the most interesting to write and thus one of the most intense to write. Therefore, the young authors need to be able to get the best quality texts in order to be the best at this job. One of the first questions that an author might get when writing such text is the problem of the topic. To be more specific, the authors face such thing as the difficulty of choice. They have either nothing to pick from or so many options that they cannot pick the right one. This text will walk you through the most common types of cause and effect essays.

  1. One cause – one effect essays

Such texts seem to be easy to write at first. All you have to do is just give some information about the cause that you had and after that, you have all the time and space in the world to describe the effect. However, that is not that simple in the huge texts. It will be almost impossible to write tons of text about one cause and one effect. Therefore, if you are facing a big text, it is important to remember that texts like this need more than one cause and effect pair or at least many effects.

  1. One cause – many effect essays

The bigger texts require more information to be included. Therefore, we need to have more topics to write on. Therefore, the text, where you need to write about one cause that led to a big number of the effects is a great idea, as it will allow you to have much text about every single effect that you are going to include in the text. Also, that will be an OK choice for the big texts, yet you will need to work hard in order to be able to expand some information to the huge body of the text. Therefore, it is still not the best choice for the biggest texts that you will get in your carrier.

  1. Many causes – many effects essays

These are perfect for the huge texts. You can have as many causes as you want and they can lead to the infinite amount of effects. That seems to be the perfect choice for the huge texts. That is the best choice for simple big texts. There is nothing to worry about. You can spend as much text space on one topic as you wish. That is also, why you should not use this type of writing in the smaller essays. All of this info will not be able to fit in the small body of a text. Therefore, take this to account when writing such text. Yet, it is not the end, as we have the more advanced structures to follow this up. They are going to fit almost all types of texts, yet being more difficult to write.

  1. Many causes – one or a couple effects essays

These are the masterpieces of the cause and effect essays. They are really difficult to write, and in most of the cases, they are met at the places where the professionals work, like the In these essays, authors need to get the perfect balance between the causes and that will allow them to combine them and show the reader how so many various factors led to just a single effect, but what a huge one. That is why this type of writing is said to be on the advanced level. It is simply impossible to get a top-level text, like this if you are writing for the first time. This type of writing will fit the big texts the most, as you will have a lot of space to describe all of the reasons. In the end, you will be able to get a couple paragraphs to tell the reader about the effects that you got.

If you will be able to use this advice in the right way, it will allow you to get the best quality text. It is said that the topic decides the half of your text, as a nicely picked one will save you from failure even if the text itself will not be that good. If it were still hard to pick the right one to write, it would be best to try to remember one of such stories from your own life. Those are the easiest to describe and you can always add something fictional in order to make the text look even better.