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Can you swim at Gunnamatta Beach?

Can you swim at Gunnamatta Beach?

Swimming is not advised as the beach is unpatrolled and can be hazardous due to large waves, strong currents and submerged rocky reefs. Gunnamatta Ocean Beach is the most popular surf beach in Mornington Peninsula National Park, with consistently high swells and rocky reefs.

What surf can be expected at Gunnamatta Beach?

Gunnamatta Beach in Mornington Peninsula is an exposed beach break that has pretty consitent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat. Works best in offshore winds from the northeast. Groundswells are more common than windswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest.

Where is gunnamatta located?

Mornington Peninsula National Park
Gunnamatta Beach in Fingal is an exposed, high energy, 3km stretch of beach with a wide, rip dominated surf zone. It is located in the Mornington Peninsula National Park and is part of the 30km long sandy and rocky coast that extends from Cape Schanck to Point Nepean.

What time is low tide at gunnamatta?

Sat 2 Oct 2021

Low 12:16AM 1.1ft
High 7:09AM 4ft
Low 12:57PM 2.4ft
High 6:24PM 3.6ft

Is gunnamatta beach safe?

Gunnamatta Beach is an exposed, high energy beach with a wide, rip dominated surf zone. The rips intensify around low tide. The Gunnamatta Surf Life Saving Club was founded in 1966. This is a very hazardous beach, with an average of 113 rescues a year, second only to its neighbouring Portsea Beach.

What does gunnamatta mean?

sandy hills
In 1899, the government named the area Gunnamatta, which means sandy hills. On 26 February 1908 it was officially changed to Cronulla and Gunnamatta was used for the name of the bay, on the western side.

Why does gunnamatta have big waves?

Truemans Road runs out through the dunes to the beach, where there is a large car park and the surf lifesaving club. The beach faces south-west, exposing it to high westerly winds and waves. The waves average 1.9 m and combine with the medium sand to produce a 150 m wide single bar surf zone.

What time is high tide at gunnamatta?

Tide (FT)

low 12:39am 0.7ft
high 7:30am 4.3ft
low 1:13pm 2.4ft
high 6:56pm 4.1ft

Are there sharks in gunnamatta Bay?

You can take your pick at Gunnamatta Baths between the 50m area and the more general shark-netted swimming enclosure along the sandy beach.

What does Coogee mean in Aboriginal?

stinking place
The name Coogee is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘koojah’ which means ‘bad smell’ or a ‘stinking place’.

Is gunnamatta Bay closed?

Open: Open all year except during scheduled maintenance.

How long is gunnamatta pool?