Can you search for candidates on Glassdoor?

Can you search for candidates on Glassdoor?

This competitive intelligence is free by clicking on the ‘Interviews’ tab on Glassdoor’s employer profiles, and then searching for a specific company.

Can employers search resumes on Glassdoor?

Resumes uploaded to Glassdoor are not searchable by employers or other users. The only time an employer can see your resume is when you submit it directly with a job application.

How do you recruit with glassdoor?

5 Ways You Should Be Using GlassdoorShowcase your employer brand. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free Glassdoor employer account and complete your profile. Monitor and respond to reviews and interview feedback. Review published interview questions. Post jobs. Research salary information. Conclusion.

What percentage of job seekers use glassdoor?

1 | 51% of job seekers say they prefer finding job opportunities on online job sites, such as Glassdoor. 45% hear about job openings from friends, while 35% go to a company’s site. 2 | 53% of job seekers look for company information on job search websites, such as Glassdoor.