Can you mail a puzzle?

Can you mail a puzzle?

The best way to ship your puzzle is to use a Priority Mailing Box. Unless you are mailing two puzzles in the same box, you should use this box. If mailing more than one, use one of the Priority FLAT RATE BOXES. Always place your puzzle pieces in a ziplock plastic bag this way if a box rips, pieces don’t go flying.

What puzzles are in the Daily Mail?


  • Block Champ.
  • Mahjongg Toy Chest.
  • The Daily Diagonal Sudoku.
  • MathDoku.
  • Penny Dell Sudoku.
  • Mahjongg Candy.
  • The Daily Jigsaw.
  • The Daily Sudoku.

Can a jigsaw puzzle be shipped Media Mail?

What can or can’t be shipped via Media Mail. The following items rank high in the “can BLANK be shipped via Media Mail” list: Puzzles: No, USPS classifies puzzles and books of puzzles as entertainment (regardless of how you view them). Video games: No, video games do not qualify and neither do traditional board games.

Can you pay someone to do a puzzle for you?

If those benefits aren’t enough for you, this one might: you can now get paid to do puzzles. Yep, the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York is hiring a full-time “Puzzle Cataloger” for six months. The museum has a collection of 7,500 puzzles that date back to the 1700s.

How do you do a puzzle swap?

When you are ready to ship a puzzle, visit the INTERACTIVE TOOLS and log in to your account. Use the NEW SWAP TOOL button to start the process. Check off the puzzles from your inventory that you are ready to send, then choose the member you want to swap with.

What is Daily Mail Plus?

Mail+ is a premium digital platform from Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday available online, through the app and on social channels. Exclusive content, videos and podcasts, blended with an ad-free experience of all the Mail’s quality content, is formatted to give readers their choice in how to engage with Mail+.

Where are the unique numbers on Mail Plus?

We print a Unique Number on the back page of every copy of the Mail – simply enter this number into your MyMail account each day and watch your balance grow. PLUS, as well as collecting points with the Mail, you can also boost your balance by collecting with over 500 other Nectar partners, including Sainsbury’s.

Does USPS actually check Media Mail?

Another point to consider is that Media Mail items are not insured and are open to postal inspection. The USPS retains the right to open and inspect your package to check for abuse of the system such as including an item not on their approved items list.

What is the average cost of a puzzle?

The price of an average jigsaw puzzle is about $16 with an expected price range of $11-20. You can expect to pay $16 on average for a quality jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles on the market have an average size of 3.4 ft2. And the puzzle price per square foot is around $5.4 on average.

Are old puzzles worth anything?

Just because a jigsaw puzzle is old doesn’t make it rare, valuable or collectible. Just because a jigsaw puzzle states it is a limited edition by the manufacturer also doesn’t mean it is in fact rare, valuable or collectible. The age of the puzzle. The condition and whether all pieces are present and in good condition.