Can there be two owners of a GroupMe?

Can there be two owners of a GroupMe?

When you create a GroupMe group, you automatically become its owner. Unfortunately, there can only ever be one owner at a time. However, you have the option to make another member an owner or to transfer the ownership if you want to.

How do I merge two GroupMe accounts?

You can also merge group and friend invites into your existing account – just follow the invite link you are sent, then click the link that says “Already have an account? Click here!”. Splitwise will then add the relevant group or friend to your primary account.

Is there a max for GroupMe?

By default, you can have up to 500 members in a group. GroupMe can’t support groups larger than 500. While it’s possible to have groups with 500 members, groups larger than 200 people can get noisy. GroupMe is reply-all, so whenever a member replies to the group number, everyone in the group will get a notification.

Can you rejoin a closed GroupMe?

If you have left the group and want to rejoin, select Archive and then select Rejoin on the group you want to be added to. If you were removed from the group, only users within the group can add you back in.

Can you transfer ownership of a GroupMe chat?

Select the group you created or own, then tap the group avatar (profile picture). at the top of the screen in a group chat. Make sure that the new owner is already a member of the group, then choose who you want to give ownership to. Tap Make Owner, then tap Yes to change the group owner.

What happens when you clone a GroupMe?

When cloning a Smart Group, you will have the option to either create a new Smart Group or create a standard console group. Cloning a Smart Group to create another Smart Group will create a new group with the same criteria. These criteria can be changed or customized once the new Smart Group has been created.

Can you have 2 GroupMe accounts on one phone?

Can I set up more than one group using the same phone number for GroupMe? Yes, you can set up multiple groups and direct messages with one account. GroupMe is great for cross-platform communication, for example from Android to iOS.

How do I transfer my GroupMe account to my new phone?

Sign in to your GroupMe account in a web browser. Select your avatar (profile picture). Select the Edit button next to your current phone number. Enter your new phone number and select Submit, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Why is it failing to add members to GroupMe?

In GroupMe, when you try to add someone to a group, you might get the error “Failed to add member to ‘Group name'”, the member might show as not allowed, or nothing will happen. If you have this issue, you can share a link to the group and they should be able to join from there.

How big of a file can you send in GroupMe?

Note: The document share limit is 50MB. How do I find a document in a GroupMe chat? When a document is sent to a chat, it’s highlighted with a hyperlink. Click the link to download the document.

Can you leave a GroupMe without anyone knowing?

As of today, you can’t leave a GroupMe group without notifying the other members. When you leave a group, a message will show up in the chatbox, informing the users about your departure.

Why does my GroupMe say failed to add member?