Can I redeem AAdvantage miles for magazines?

Can I redeem AAdvantage miles for magazines?

You can redeem small amounts of American AAdvantage miles for newspaper subscriptions too. To do this, go to American’s Newspaper Rewards website and find a newspaper subscription that you’re interested in. Each newspaper subscription offered has a different redemption rate with some offering better value than others.

How does mags for miles work?

MagsforMiles, a program run by CAP Systems, allows people to redeem frequent flyer miles for magazine subscriptions. Members of frequent flyer programs with an active, positive mileage balance may receive direct mail informing them of the opportunity to redeem their miles for magazines.

How do I cancel my subscription to mags for miles?

Call 1-800-641-3458 to cancel anytime. If you choose to cancel, you will receive a refund of unserved issues.

What can I do with 5000 AA miles?

Here are two easy options if you have earned 5,000 miles (or one round-trip flight across the U.S.) on major domestic airlines.

  • Redeem miles for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Donate your miles.
  • 5 More Ways to Redeem Miles.
  • Redeem United miles for gifts.
  • Get gift cards from Hawaiian Airlines.

How do you cancel points on mags?

If you have any trouble completing the above steps you can always Create a Case and request that our customer service team cancel your subscription for you. You can also call our customer service team at 1-855-286-0473 from 8am – midnight ET, 7 days a week for additional assistance.

How do I redeem American Airlines points for gift cards?

In order to redeem your miles for gift cards, you’ll need to use an outside company, such as is a loyalty wallet site that allows you to trade your miles and reward points for merchant gift cards. To learn more about the site and what it offers, you can visit