Can I put eBay on my resume?

Can I put eBay on my resume?

You just have to put a professional spin on your eBay experience and you can turn it into an asset on your resume.

Can I put Depop on my resume?

Again, if the Depop work you’ve done is relevant to the job, then put it in your CV. if it’s not the same or similar to whatever you are applying for, then leave it off.

How do I show proof of income when I am self employed?

The normal way for a self employed person to verify their income to a bank for a full doc loan is to provide:The last two years’ financial statements (Profit & loss and balance sheet).The last two years’ business tax returns.The last two years’ personal tax returns.The last two years’ notices of assessment.

Does freelancing count as employment?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who: Pays their own income tax, known as self-employment tax. Doesn’t usually have employees, but may outsource work for specific projects. Has full control over where they work (e.g., they’ll often work remotely) and the work hours.