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Can I claim Palawan express in 711?

Can I claim Palawan express in 711?

Palawan Express money sending is available in select 7-Eleven branches nationwide only. 7-Eleven can only do money sending transactions, and no payout is available. Money remittance must be done at a Palawan Express Pera Padala branch or other remittance partners like LBC, SM Malls, and Robinsons Department Stores.

How many branches does Palawan Express have?

3,000 branches
Palawan Pawnshop is your one-stop money services shop that offers you pera padala, money changing, and insurance services. With over 3,000 branches nationwide, masisiguradong walay hasul na serbisyo sa abot-kayang halaga ang mararanasan mo.

How do I contact Palawan Express?

Office Directory

  1. Head Office. Palawan Pawnshop Building,170 Rizal Avenue, Brgy.
  2. Manila Office. 7263 J.
  3. Cebu Office. Palawan Pawnshop Building, S. B. Cabahug Street, Estancia Ibabao, Mandaue City 6014.
  4. CALLS Hotline. (Globe) 0917-301-3868 (Sun) 0932-850-8613 (Smart) 0998-962-1869.
  5. Text Hotline.

Is Palawan Pawnshop and Palawan express the same?

Originally established as a business offering only pawn brokering, we have expanded our services to include money remittance known as Palawan Express Pera Padala.

Can I claim Palawan Padala in LBC?

Further, Palawan Pawnshop\’s Express Pera Padala will be made available to the over 1,000 LBC branches nationwide and LBC’s Instant Peso Padala (IPP) remittance branch pick-up service will be available to over 800 Palawan Pawnshop.

How do I withdraw money from Palawan?


  1. Visit any Palawan Pawnshop branch.
  2. Inform our branch associates of your withdrawal request.
  3. Insert your ATM/ Cash card in the PIN pad provided.
  4. Advise the branch associate on the amount to withdraw and input your PIN.
  5. A copy thermal receipt along with your cash withdrawn will be released.

Can I send money from bank to Palawan Express?

The two banks have recently introduced a new payout feature so that you can now send money from your bank to be remitted by your receiver at any Palawan Express branch. This convenient feature gives us better access to our bank accounts and makes sending money to our loved ones so much easier!

How much money can I send through Palawan Express?

PHP 50,000 per transfer
What is the Palawan Pawnshop transfer limit? There is a maximum cash pickup limit for the Palawan Pawnshop of PHP 50,000 per transfer. However, lower limits may apply to your particular transfer depending on the country you make the transfer from and the payment method you use.

Can I claim Palawan Express Padala in LBC?

To claim funds, recipients just need to go to the nearest LBC branch or partner remittance center such as Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express or MLhuillier.

Can I receive money from LBC to Palawan Express?

Where do I claim Palawan Padala?

To claim the money, the receiver must visit the nearest Palawan Express Pera Padala branch or remittance outlet and bring along the transaction code and a valid ID. Your receiver has up to 30 days to claim the payout. If unclaimed, the amount minus the remittance fee will be returned to the sender’s bank.

Can I withdraw BDO in Palawan Express?

Aside from the money lending and money transfer services it offers, Palawan Pawnshop also offers cash card and ATM withdrawals to the public. The money transfer company made cash card and ATM withdrawal possible through the BDO Point-of-Sales terminals that are in several Palawan Pawnshop branches.

Are there any branches of Palawan Express in the Philippines?

In turn, the translation service of Pera Padala is interested in areas where Palawan Express does not have its own branches. These are all islands, except for large ones: Luzon – Metro Manila, Quezon City (Cubao), Makati, Baguio; Mindanao – Davao, General Santos, Butuan.

Where was the first Palawan Express pawnshop located?

The opening of the Pera Padala – payment system also took place in 1985. In 2014, accident insurance was added to the list of services. The location of the first pawnshop was in Puerto Princesa City. The logo in the form of the words Palawan Express and the wing in the letter ”P” mean the rapid speed of money transfers.

What does the wing mean in Palawan Express?

The logo in the form of the words Palawan Express and the wing in the letter ”P” mean the rapid speed of money transfers. Originally the logo was for a pawnshop only; this logo featured a stylized diamond and the inscription “Palawan Pawnshop” , later the ” Palawan Express | Pera Padala” logo was added.

How much is Palawan Express Pera Padala loan?

Customers shall only pay 1% for a loan of 11 days; 2% for 22 days; and 3% for 33 days. With over 3,000 branches nationwide and growing numbers of remittance partners and agents, including SM Malls, Robinsons Department Stores, 7-Eleven and LBC, Palawan Express Pera Padala is one of the country’s leading money remittance company today.