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Meet the simplest and fastest way to convert more organic traffic. Period.

OpiaTalk is a product so disruptive it needs a whole new definition.

Hyper-Conversion Widget (noun) 1. a scalable, customizable and self-contained bit of software used to profoundly improve your conversions. Use as directed.



If shoppers don’t have a reason to buy, chances are they won’t.

Give them a promo and they’ve got a reason. Give them a deadline and they’ve got to act. Make it social and suddenly it’s fun, too. All together, we call it Hyper-Conversion—more customers making more purchases, faster.


What happens on your site stays on your site.

OpiaTalk acts as a seamless extension of any eCommerce platform, increasing time on site and strengthening relationships with your brand. Everything about the widget is fully customizable, creating an optimal user experience because customers never leave your site.


Turn one customer into five with the greatest of ease.

Customers invite Facebook friends to get in on the promotion in real time, bringing new, already engaged customers to your site without any extra effort on your part. Everybody wins.


Collect the data you want. Get the information you need.

Capture customer email addresses and other info of your choosing whether or not a purchase is made. Plus, you can identify your super fans by tracking who invited the most Facebook friends to the party.


Step 1: Receive code. Step 2: Insert code. Step 3: Success.

Just add a code snippet to each page on which you want the widget to appear and you’re all set! You can install it in less than 5 minutes—literally. Then run as many campaigns as you want, whenever you want. No muss, no fuss.

Sell more, faster. It's that simple.

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Jason Bunge- Senior Director, Skype

“We chose OpiaTalk because of its seamless integration with our purchase flow while driving a more social experience for our customers that provides clear monetary value.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does integration take?

From the moment you receive the OpiaTalk code snippet, integration takes mere minutes—literally. Additionally, OpiaTalk works with any eCommerce platform and any retailer.

How does OpiaTalk drive new traffic?

Your customers invite Facebook friends who are currently online directly into the OpiaTalk widget to take advantage of the promo in real time. Voila! New customers.

How do you calculate pricing?

Pricing is based on many factors, the primary one being your monthly unique visits. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll send you a free, customized OpiaTalk demo just for reaching out!

Is there a limit on the number of campaigns I can run?

Nope! You can run as many campaigns per day, week, month—you get the idea—as you want. Our optimization experts will also work with you to determine the best times and frequencies for running promos on your site.

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