Will there be a Xena Warrior Princess reboot?

Will there be a Xena Warrior Princess reboot?

Unfortunately, in 2017, Javier Grillo-Marxuach parted ways from the “Xena” reboot, telling the Mary Sue that it was down to “insurmountable creative differences” with NBC. Apparently, in the eyes of NBC execs, Grillo-Marxuach didn’t have a strong enough plan or vision. “Nothing is happening on that right now.

Why was Xena Cancelled?

Xena contended with the network censoring the show, religious groups’ objections, and significant fan backlash against writing decisions. Lucy Lawless also had a difficult time adjusting to her role as an action star and an iconic female character.

Is Xena Warrior Princess dead?

In 2001, Xena: Warrior Princess ended with Xena being killed in the series finale, which left many fans unsatisfied; we look at why. No reason to lose our heads over this. The episode Before the very last last 2 part episode she came back due to she was reincarnated in modern day…so in a way she was alive again.

Will there ever be a Xena movie?

NBC’s Xena: Warrior Princess reboot is not going forward. After parting ways with writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost) a few months ago, NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said the proposed revival in its most recent form is dead. “Nothing is happening on that right now.

Does Netflix have Xena?

Xena Warrior Princess – Now Streaming on Netflix.

How did Xena get pregnant in season 5?

Xena was made pregnant through imaculate conception through Eli and the angel Callisto. Callisto choses Eve to be her reincarnation for her spirit to be reborn.

How did Lucy Lawless train for Xena?

Lawless eventually found that Pilates worked best for getting her in the shape she wanted for the role of Xena. At one point, she was doing Pilates workouts 3 times per week along with her filming schedule. She would also look for more intense workouts to supplement this training and burn fat and build muscle.

Who was the original cast of Xena Warrior Princess?

The reboot had original series co-creator Rob Tapert and executive producer Sam Raimi on board, but not original series stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor attached. Lawless’ lack of involvement was a stick in the craw for many longtime fans. Xena: Warrior Princess ran for six season from September 1995-June 2001.

Is there going to be season 7 of Xena?

Lucy Lawless, who is inseparable from her role as Xena, the princess warrior, will return for season 7. Renee O’Connor will also be returning as Gabrielle in the seventh season. Although in 2017, there were rumours of a reboot taking place, NBC scrapped that dream before it could manifest.

Is the character of Xena coming back from the dead?

Lawless portrayed the titular heroine, a former warlord seeking to make amends and fight the good fight alongside her traveling companion (and soulmate) Gabrielle, played by O’Connor. Xena will remain dead for now—like the character did in the series finale—but there are plenty of other TV reboots in the works.

Is there going to be a new Xena comic?

In particular, the 2019 Vita Ayala’s comic book titled “Xena” draws inspiration from the original TV series and takes place somewhere around the middle of the show’s run. But the comic has new characters and new plot lines for the reader to enjoy, making it the perfect recipe for a reboot of the super successful show.