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Why Brands Need to Invest In a Good Custom Canopy Tent

Why Brands Need to Invest In a Good Custom Canopy Tent

Even when you’ve created a fantastic product potential for high demand, it’s useless if not well promoted. Though modernity is now in hands, seeing customers face-to-face at business events was still considerable for bringing more loyal customers. A brand should be bold to represent itself in occurrences like this. A great custom canopy tent is the key to all.

While we mentioned a tent should be “great,” it’s another complex topic to talk about. It’s even more problematic in practice. Imagine, you should be able to implement exciting colors and design altogether in a small-sized tent. It would be a challenging task, for sure, but also the satisfying one.

Many found themselves to be lost midway. And it is understandable to have an obstacle sometimes, but when the need for creative marketing is nigh, one should look for a more viable option. Collaborating with Signleader Display is one thing you can try.

The company’s not offering you products related to boosting your performance at public events and completing the design. Follow through with the recommendation, and add some value to it. You’ll be having your business canopy in no time.

Aside from the display, size is also one deciding factor in creating a 10×10 custom tent. The thing is, bigger doesn’t always mean to be better. Somehow, it offers another challenge to solve. A giant tent means you need to put more considerations. Big-sized tents usually make it customers harder to see all products displayed. From afar, it may look threatening, and this is the usual case in fairs and events.

That’s why a custom 10×10 tent is perfect. It’s not too big or too tight, encouraging people to enter and find out what’s inside.

Perfectly sized customized tents may appear friendlier, which is a vital factor for public events. Any brand needs to be as pleasant as possible, both in the design and to treat customers. Their tent should be less threatening, which can be solved with a proper-sized custom tent.

10×10 is the most suitable size that’s not intimidating and threatening. Most people are reluctant to go to small tents due to how tight it is inside. There’s also a fear of breaking items, especially in a cluttered booth. Most customers won’t be comfortable in this situation, and you can expect them to leave early.

The big ones also bring different kinds of fear. Sure it’s spacious, but often it comes with much more limitations. Limited viewing angles and the fear of entering an expensive place are just the common ones. Most people will find more giant tents more luxurious and costly, and they tend to avoid them altogether.

Create and Make the Best Canopy Tent for Your Best Marketing Strategy

That’s why a 10×10 canopy tent is the most suitable size, with the benefits of highlighting the focus on products displayed in proper space and the humbler image that’s less intimidating. It’s also fitting to put the recommended amounts of banners and light without being too cluttered.

Though it’s for personal events or public shows, having a 10×10 event tent is a great strategy recommended by businesses who already got good outputs from it.


One-minute setup-It only takes one minute to complete the setup. The latest technological design allows a person to easily open and close the canopy within a minute.

Portable, compact, and more spacious design. It has an ultra-wide size of 10×10′ and a top of 10’x15′ and 10’x20′. Enjoy larger rooms and spaces than ordinary camping canopies. This convenient lightweight canopy is very easy to transport from one place to another.

Fireproof / 99% UV protection (1) Each color has an upgraded silver coating on the top to block 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. (2) One-piece sun protection side wall. Provides 99% UV protection. Stay comfortable, protected and convenient.

Excellent quality: UPF 50+ UV protection, waterproof, flame retardant, 60D Oxford cloth roof and side walls. The frame uses powder coating, anti-rust, high-grade engineering steel and nylon plastic connection hardware.


We researched various products around the farmer’s market stalls, beaches, and camps that are best for you. We tested each product for months through wind, rain, sun and even snow. Evaluate key performance indicators, such as livability, ease of setup, durability, portability, wind resistance and value, and help us score each product to determine the winner. We hope you can use this comprehensive and fair review to help you find all the shade and wind resistance you are looking for.

Signleader Display provides durable and easy-to-use barrier-free tents. We recommend this to those who are looking for an affordable but reliable canopy shelter. So you will definitely find something that meets your aesthetic needs. Of all the commercial canopies tested, this was the fastest to install, and it really stood out in every respect.