Why are there no servers on Battlefield 4?

Why are there no servers on Battlefield 4?

A quick internet search revealed that this is because Battlelog, the awkward social system that DICE and EA once pushed into all of its Battlefield games, was shut down in 2016, and so players now have no way of squadding up in instalments that relied on the service to do exactly that.

Can’t connect to Battlefield 4 servers?

Re: Can’t connect to servers Battlefield 4 PC Go to the Origin games folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4) and find Bf4.exe. Right click it and go to PROPERTIES, then COMPATIBILITY and check the box next to RUN THIS PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR. Do the same with BF4_x86.exe as well.

How do I join a server on Battlefield 4 PC?

Joining the right server on PC On PC, start the Exclusive Beta from your Origin app. This will launch the Battlefield 4 section of Battlelog. From there, select the MULTIPLAYER>SERVER BROWSER menu item to bring up a list of active servers. Use the powerful server browser to find exactly the server you want.

Is the Battlefield 4 server down on PC?

@nuke_235 It looks like the server browser and quick match are currently down on the PC version of Battlefield:4. People that are in a match appear to be fine, but those of us that want to join matches can’t.

Is there a server problem on my PC?

Yes, I even “reset” my filter to make sure that no criteria was set that was preventing servers from showing up. 2.) Yes, I restarted my browser. My PC is sitting in the DMZ on my router right now whilst trying to troubleshoot this issue so it isn’t a networking issue that I can tell.

Why are the servers for Battlefield 1 down?

@RedJolt So presumably EA’s servers are down because I can’t get on battlefield online, and their massively helpful website offers such advice as “is it your internet connection”, “it’s probably your internet connection” and “dude it’s totally your internet connection, trust us.” @Nkirwan86 @EAHelp hi are the servers down for Battlefield 1 and V.

Are there any problems with the new battlefield?

They are born to be trained, tormented and tortured as harsh and brutal as possible to be butchered on the battlefield. It is time to brutalize compulsory military service. @MathiasChess @Treyarch I hope you’re not working on the new battlefield I am tired of stupid bugs