Who won Randy Orton or John Cena?

Who won Randy Orton or John Cena?

Orton’s sendoff match ended with Cena earning the victory. In what would become an enduring rivalry, Cena went up 1-0. It wasn’t long before he would join Orton in the WWE, where they would both become two of the most successful and famous OVW alums.

Who was world heavyweight champion in 2014?

Brock Lesnar
Like with the Undisputed Championship, the Big Gold Belt was used in tandem with the WWE Championship belt to represent the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until a single belt was presented to then champion Brock Lesnar in August 2014.

How many times Randy Orton is world heavyweight champion?

Randy Orton has won the WWE Championship 10 times in his career so far. He has also held the World Heavyweight Championship 4 times, making him a 14-time World Champion in WWE. Apart from his World Titles, WWE’s Apex Predator has also won the Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Titles.

Who won the Elimination Chamber 2014?

Randy Orton
Elimination Chamber entrances and eliminations

Eliminated Wrestler Time
3 Cesaro 30:10
4 John Cena 32:38
5 Daniel Bryan 37:30
Winner Randy Orton (c) N/A

Are Randy Orton and John Cena friends?

The answer is yes. Their friendship is not hidden from their fanbase. John Cena and Randy Orton have been together since their time at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). They have worked in various rivalries together, so they share true companionship.

Who is World Heavyweight Champion 2020?

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury is recognized by the magazine as its world champion. He earned this distinction by defeating Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020….World Boxing Council.

Championship Status World Champion
Title Holder Tyson Fury
Recognized Since February 22, 2020
How Title Acquired Defeated Deontay Wilder

Who is current world heavyweight champion?

The current lineal world heavyweight champion is Tyson Fury. He took that moniker in November 2015 when he defeated previous champion Wladimir Klitschko on points in Dusseldorf. Fury is still undefeated inside a ring. He confirmed his lineal status with that crushing defeat of Wilder in February 2020.

Who is world heavyweight champion now?

At present, however, there is a single titleholder: * Oleksander Usyk is recognized as the organization’s world champion. He earned this distinction by defeating Anthony Joshua on September 25, 2021. No defense of this title is yet scheduled. Tyson Fury is recognized by the magazine as its world champion.

Who won 2013 Elimination Chamber?

Jack Swagger
Elimination Chamber entrances and eliminations

Eliminated Wrestler Time
3 Mark Henry 23:20
4 Chris Jericho 31:11
5 Randy Orton 31:18
Winner Jack Swagger

How does elimination chamber work?

Rules. The match is contested by six wrestlers, two beginning the match in the ring and the other four in the glass chambers. After a predetermined amount of time (three, four or five minutes) a chamber opens at random and a wrestler is added to the two already competing, and this continues until all men are released.

How many world heavyweight championships has Randy Orton won?

Orton has held the WWE Championship 10 times and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship four times. He was the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship, which he unified with the WWE Championship to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in 2013. [16]

Did Randy Orton quit WWE?

Randy Orton or WWE may have called out Wade Barrett on leaving the company. On Tuesday, news broke that Wade Barrett would be leaving WWE this summer when his contract expired. It is apparently due to unhappiness with his role on TV.

Who is Randy Orton’s father?

Bob Orton Jr., the father of Randy Orton. (WWE.com) Randy Orton’s father has become a major part of his ongoing WWE storyline. After all, Jinder Mahal has frequently insulted Orton’s father during SmackDown Live promos, and Orton’s dad will reportedly be sitting front-and-center at Money in the Bank this weekend.

Where is Randy Orton’s home?

Randy Orton’s house in Saint Charles, Missouri. The home also includes a media room, billiard room, fitness room, work out room with a sauna, three-car garage and a cabana with a fireplace.