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Who pays the most for trophies in Witcher 3?

Who pays the most for trophies in Witcher 3?

The only person that will pay some good money for trophies is Alchemist found near the Free City of Novigrad. Look for him in the small building east from the city and north from Oxenfurt Gate. If you won’t find him there, use meditation to wait 8 or 12 hours and try again.

Are there missable trophies in Witcher 3?

There are no missable trophies during this stage, therefore you can either complete the fist fights and horse races in any order you want unless the next quest doesn’t become available until completing a certain quest. Refer to the individual trophies below on how to achieve each trophy.

What is the best monster trophy Witcher 3?

The best looking Trophy you can display in the game is definitely the Wyvern Trophy because of its cool looking V shaped head with 6 horns.

What do you do with monster trophies Witcher 3?

Monster Trophies are items you get for doing Monster Contracts in the Witcher 3. All of them give you a minor buff but they are also worth alot of money to the right person.

Does anyone buy back old trophies?

The answer to this question is a straight Yes. For many years, many people have sold the things that they do not need to get cash. Many people have even sold more precious things that you can imagine all to get cash. So, if you are already considering selling your old trophies, you don’t have to feel bad a bit.

Does anybody buy old trophies?

You can give them to goodwill or the Salvation Army, as they sell them in Thrift Shops (for next to nothing). Sometimes schools and clubs take them, change out the tops, and give them for activities in their organizations.

How hard is death march Witcher 3?

Being a Witcher ain’t easy, but The Witcher 3’s Death March difficulty takes things to an entirely new, terrifying level. That’s the Death March difficulty mode in The Witcher 3, where enemies hit much harder, there aren’t nearly as many survivability options, and the game is more ruthless all around.

How do I get leshen trophy?

Leshen trophy is a trophy in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can be acquired from the following leshens: Kernun during Contract: Lord of the Wood. Woodland Spirit during In the Heart of the Woods.

How many trophies are in Witcher 3?

Full list of all 79 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trophies – 68 bronze, 8 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. The base game contains 53 trophies, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 26 trophies.

Can you sell Bloxburg trophies?

Thanks!! You cannot sell the 1B Trophy; the $5000 is the value of the trophy. That value is added to your total House Value of your plot.

Can I sell books in Witcher 3?

Instead of just selling your books for 1 crown at some random merchant, go to the square in Novigrad and sell them to the book merchant there. He will give the full price for them, and there is some 500-600 in his starting capital. He wont be there all day though, so if he isn’t there, just meditate until he appears.