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Who killed Tom in Secrets and Lies season 1?

Who killed Tom in Secrets and Lies season 1?

Tom Murphy is a five-year-boy who was murdered in the first season of the American version of “Secrets and Lies”. Brutally murdered with Ben Crawford’s flashlight, Tom was the son of Ben Crawford and Jess Murphy, and was murdered by his half-sister Abby.

Who killed the boy in Secrets and Lies?

Independently of each other, Cornell and Ben discover the awful truth that Tom was killed by Abby. She confesses to her family that it was an accident, a failed plan to hide Tom for a short while to make it appear he was missing, to induce Scott to come home and prevent her father leaving Christy for Jess.

Why did secret lies end?

Secrets And Lies Was Cancelled In 2017 Though the show had decent ratings during its first season viewership dropped dramatically in season 2. Some think the reason ratings plummeted was due to scheduling issues.

How many episodes does Secrets and Lies season 1 have?

Secrets and Lies/Number of episodes

What happened at the end of secrets and lies?

The big reveal was that Eric’s sister Amanda killed Kate and her unborn child in a jealous rage while the two women talked on the balcony at the company’s party. Eric said he wouldn’t raise his sister’s baby after Amanda had killed his wife and his own unborn child. That’s the way “Secrets and Lies” ended.

Is there a season 3 to secrets and lies?

There are currently no plans for a third season of the American version of “Secrets and Lies”. We can hope that nothing happens to Juliette Lewis’ character Andrea Cornell, as that would be a devastating blow for the show.

Is there a season 3 for secrets and lies?

As expected, the Secrets and Lies TV show has been cancelled by ABC. There will be no season three of the crime drama series. Considering the ratings, the cancellation makes sense. The second season of Secrets and Lies averaged a 0.76 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.26 million viewers.

Did Secrets and Lies get Cancelled?

Where can you see Secrets and Lies?

How to Watch Secrets and Lies. You are able to stream Secrets and Lies by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

Will there be a season 3 of Secrets and Lies?

Who is Amanda in Secrets and Lies?

actress Mekia Cox
Amanda Young (neé Warner) is the younger sister of Eric Warner in the second season of the American version of “Secrets and Lies”. Played by American actress Mekia Cox, Amanda makes her debut in the Season 2 episode “The Fall”. Amanda comes to Eric’s defense when he is accused in the murder of his wife, Kate.

How many series does deception have?

Deception/Number of seasons

Where can you Watch Secrets and lies?

ABC Website & ABC App. You can watch Secrets and Lies live online via ABC’s website. You will need your login and password information for your cable provider. You can also live stream Secrets and Lies season 2 on your phone, tablet or mobile device by downloading the ABC app ( App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore ),…

Who is the cast of Secrets and lies?

Secrets and Lies cast: season 2 characters Juliette Lewis plays as Detective Andrea Cornell Ryan Phillippe plays as Ben Crawford KaDee Strickland plays as Christy Crawford Jordana Brewster plays as Kate Warner Dan Fogler plays as Dave Lindsey

What is the secret of lies?

The Secret of Lies is a character driven novel, which gave the reader insight into the internal struggle of the main character. Stephanie Burke, was trying to regain some happiness in her life after being dragged through the lies of her family.