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Who is the most powerful person in injustice?

Who is the most powerful person in injustice?

Who is the most powerful person in injustice 2?

  • Weakest: Gorilla Grodd.
  • Strongest: The Flash.
  • Weakest: Bane.
  • Strongest: Brainiac.
  • Weakest: Poison Ivy.
  • Strongest: Black Canary.
  • Weakest: Cheetah.
  • Strongest: Darkseid.

Who is the strongest silver character in Injustice?

Wonder Woman, Flash, Nightwing, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern and Harley Quinn are all good. Personally I think the strongest combo is Cyborg with GL because he builds up power ludicrously quickly (especially in challenges since you get a lot of power just taking basics), but everyone on that list should be fine.

Who can beat Superman in injustice?

Here are 15 Justice League Members That Could Beat Superman In A Fight.

  • 15 Wonder Woman.
  • 14 Martian Manhunter.
  • 13 Captain Marvel (Shazam)
  • 12 The Flash.
  • 11 Captain Atom.
  • 10 Doctor Fate.
  • 9 Power Girl.
  • 8 Aquaman.

Who is the best injustice 2 player?

Top Player Rankings For Injustice 2

Player ID Player Name
1. SonicFox Dominique Mclean
2. Dragon Ryan Walker
3. Semiij Andrew Fontanez
4. A Foxy Grampa Denom Jones

What is the fastest way to get power credits in injustice?

Power Credits are the main currency of the game and are earned by winning matches in any battle – Standard, Online, Challenge or Survivor and preferably Breakthrough Mode – as well as by selling cards back to the Store for 30% of their store price.

How many gold characters are in injustice?

108 gold characters
There are 108 gold characters.

How many silver characters are there in injustice?

17 silver characters
There are 17 silver characters. All silver characters can be Promoted directly with Power Credits after being obtained, with the exception of Bane/Knightfall, which is a console unlock. Silver characters can be obtained from the Silver Booster Pack for 35,000 power credits.