Which was the poorest state in India in 2015?

Which was the poorest state in India in 2015?

Bihar has remained India’s poorest state over the period.

What is the rural poverty rate in India?

Release of Poverty Line Estimates The number of poor in the country was pegged at 269.8 million or 21.9% of the population. After this, no official poverty estimates in India have been released.

What was the poverty rate in India in 2014?

POVERTY IN INDIA FACTS 2014 As per the survey conducted in 2011-2012, the percentage of persons below the Poverty Line in India for the year 2011-12 has been estimated as 25.7% in rural areas, 13.7% in urban areas, and 21.9% for the country as a whole.

Who are rural poor in India?

Many of the rural poor are family farmers, subsistence producers, or landless agricultural workers. They include fisherfolk, pastoralists, and forest-dependent peoples with limited access to productive means.

Who is the richest state in India?

HYDERABAD: Claiming that Telangana is the richest state in the country, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the state’s per capita income is over Rs 2.2 lakh which is higher than the national per capita income (GDP) of Rs 1 lakh. He said Telangana stands next only to Karnataka’s GSDP in the country.

Who is the poor state of India?

Chhattisgarh is one of the poorest states in India. About 1/3 of the population of Chhattisgarh lives below the poverty line. 93% of the people in the state of Chhattisgarh are poor. When we talk of state earnings, Chhattisgarh contributes only 15% of the total steel produced in India.

Which is the beautiful state in India?

1. Kerala. Kerala is one of the prettiest states, rightfully dubbed ‘God’s Own Country’. Here you will find pristine beaches at Kovalam, Muzhappilangad and Varkala.

How is rural poverty related to spatial divide in India?

Through a study in two taluks in the State of Gujarat, this article looks at agrarian systems and their relationship with rural poverty, an essential component of “India’s spatial divide”. Based on in-depth fieldwork, it confirms the extreme poverty that is rampant in the Indian countryside, in a state that nonetheless shows a high growth rate.

What is the percentage of poverty in India?

A Mint analysis of the consumption expenditure numbers reported by the National Statistical Office (NSO) in a hushed-up report suggests that rural poverty rose nearly 4 percentage points between 2011-12 and 2017-18 to 30 percent even as urban poverty fell 5 percentage points over the same period to 9 percent.

What are the main drivers of rural poverty?

The drivers of rural poverty may be broken into three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. From the economic side, low levels of productivity, lack of diversification of rural economies and access to markets to a large extent emanate diseconomies of scale associated with providing rural infrastructure and services.

Which is the main activity of rural India?

Agriculture, which constitutes the main activity of 60% of the active population in rural areas (Himanshu et al., 2013), is indissociable from this rural poverty and hence from the India’s spatial divide (Shah, 2002; Landy, 2010).